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    Last night I turned the guitar into a golf course by drilling 18 holes in it. Tuners, pickups and strap locks. Then sand, sand, sand. That's the last class for this year, so any more short term progress will involve cashing in a few brownie points with the missus. So... Tonight, after having been quite pinkish for many months... ... it turned brown First coat of Tru Oil still wet before buffing. It's got some lovely chatoyance as it catches the light. It should look lovely if I can get a gloss on it! This first coat will probably be sanded off again as there are inevitably areas needing a little more detailing
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    It's borderline pathological here, but nonetheless healthy when balanced correctly. There are some who are so distanced from others in general that their functioning is somewhat odd or weird once they start talking. Every society has its fraction of strange people. It seems moreso here, but mostly because there isn't anybody here really. In a room of five people, having one weirdo seems a lot. It's more weird having five people in one room.
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    I can't speak for other 'muricans, but that describes my favorite state of being. I need lots of me time. SR
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    That's true, however I've been doing a lot of very very large workpieces that demand a lot of detail work where fingers help. Gloves end up dripping and throwing oil around in my experience, whereas fingers push and roll excess nicely. It's whatever works based on the situation....in mine it involves sticky oily fingers. Black Walnut bed, all in Tru-Oil.
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    Couple of reasons. I’m intending on building more guitars (for myself) but mostly they are the jigs I need to do the job right. The previous jigs I built weren’t good enough or had been thrown out in the house move so had to remake them...or make them better. i haven’t really built a lot of jigs but it feels like I’ve spent a lot of time on them since I only get a few hours per week to work on the project. since I don’t have a table saw the ones I have built have been time consuming. E.g a planer sled for the router and a truss rod routing jig. Also making the guitar templates takes me a bit of time.
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    I used the 57/66 combo on a fan fret build a few years ago. They were a pleasant surprise in deviating from the hyper-clean, typical EMG81 sound that they became known (and to some, loathed) for in the mid 80s. They are clean, but they do have that vintage lower-mid push of a passive humbucker. Don't expect true PAF tones, but do expect something a little more wholesome than your typical active pickup. They should be a good pairing for a modern prog metal axe. Both Chris Letchford and Devin Townsend demo them on the EMG TV Youtube channel, and you'd be hard pressed to consider their sounds lacklustre for the styles of music they do.
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    that finish is inspiring. I have not really been a big fan of the black/grey quilt thing but you've got the best variation on it I've seen. nice work.
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    emg was making a lot of passive models at one point... they did not go over well. For so long they dominated the marked among all metal-heads and as such commanded top dollar... but never really used it to try to innovate. Now that the tide has turned and folks just seem to hate on EMG (not for bass so much) you can get their stuff for much more reasonable prices. What I'm getting at is I bet they are great... but I bet they won't be all that well received because the timing is wrong. I hope they redeem themselves with much more innovation. I'd kind of like to try a set as I've read about these and thought they might be interesting. You'll have to let us know how you like them.
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    Sometimes I think about ditching FB. However, I do like to know what's going on in all my old friend's lives and there's no way I'd ever be able to keep up with all of them in real life. The flipside of that is that you realize somd of your oldest friends are pretty much dumb asses.
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    No, it's completely natural and flat. Just a quirk of the wood It is slightly knotty in nature. The oil didn't soak in as much there
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    Thanks all. I’m taking a mini break as I wait for a couple parts and inhale for the final sprint.
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    This is going to be awesome
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    I'd use a tint coat to add the transparent purple touch you want. SR
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