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    Very pleased with the Angelus dyes! I think I shall be ordering a few more of them. This was a couple of coats of the Purple sanded back with 220, then a couple of light coats of the Light Rose. Left it about an hour before chucking some Lacquer over it. Depending on how I look at it. I can see pinks, purples, blues and blacks in there. But I think I probably need to sand the purple back a bit more, then just try one coat of the rose to see if I can get it to pop some more. Surprisingly the lacquer doesn't look too bad considering it's nitro out of a can sprayed in 8ºC, pissing rain and 85% humidity
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    Happy New Year to all on PG!!! A new year and a new thread, so I thought I'd kick things off with a little preview of what's going on in the workshop as we glide through January at an already seemingly fast pace...
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    As @ScottR says, that's a pretty sound solution in it's own right. Got me thinking for my next acoustic build...
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    dang it awl... I swear I did not intend to start this hootenanny. I feel awlful. Just another brick in the wawl I spose.
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    or Yew for that matter. english long bows - you know. like i said, probably not an exhaustive list. this site has a poster with hardness for 500+ woods, but not bending strength.... https://www.wood-database.com/wood-articles/top-ten-hardest-woods/
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    'Awl take two, thanks' 'Is that awl you've got?' 'He's as wise as an awl' 'We could awl play a game of darts, but I've just turned them in to something else'
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    some beauty stuff there.
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    So it's official. Busy times ahead.
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    Whats the fretboard plan? Very similar to the original idea, I’m using the sterling silver wire, three different gauges. The glow powder just didn’t work. I mean it WORKED, but didn’t look great. Also, I probably won’t be playing in the dark at home, sooo... The silver sparkles in the light, edges are sharper and stars are smaller. Smallest stars are punched with awl, next size is a tiny end mill, next is my smallest drill bit. Everything is done over the paper template done in Illustrator. Wire is inserted, clipped and flooded with CA. Last pic is bad, but shows comparison of test silver star near the glow stars. Glow stars have irregular edges, flat color and air bubbles that could be filled.
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