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    Using the body as a pattern, I marked out the top. And then cut it out. And like its big brother it need to trim down a bit. I may have said I wasn't going to do that again..... but I guess I thought I needed a couple of hours of exercise. I put some water on the side I'm using to better see what was inside and to remind myself that the two hours of exercise was not wasted. SR
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    This is my new experiment prototype and I'm interested in your opinion for design, details, specs, sound etc Please feel free to leave comment, share thanks! I have spent more than one year to design and build this "ONE" . Every detail and part on this guitar has been designed and worked out to the smallest detail during that period. Nothing is accidental. I'm glad when someone enjoys what I've created. That's the biggest reward, yes. It is made from one piece sapelle body and neck, ebony fingerboard, 24,75" scale, titanium fretwire, 2 carbon rods & 2 way ss truss rod, camel bone nut, handmade ebony/aluminium f holes, handwired single coils in handmade maple/alminium pickup covers, handmade maple/aluminium knobs, pure 99,99%silver wiring, free way 6 position switch, cts pro 500k, PIO, full tone jack, schaller tremolo& machines & strap lock, PUR finish, ergonomic back, weight 3850g .. My guitar masterpiece https://www.facebook.com/TonaMorskyGuitars/
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    YAASSS this is so good. Plus you will spur me to finish quicker. You outpace me 3:1. That raw burl chunk was so gorgeous, I’m surprised you could even take a blade to it.
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    This is my first custom guitar. It is also my first themed guitar. Its called The "Atlantis spear".
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    So, sometime last fall, around Thanksgiving I believe it was, I found myself with time on my hands. My last build was done, and I had a four day weekend with no projects. Disaster for me....but easily fixed. I cut up another piece of that super light black limba that I used in my last build, and got it all square for glue up. My next build was always going to be a brother build to the last one. Pretty much the same of everything any with humbuckers and maybe a little color. Not twins, but definitely sharing some DNA. I usually cut the two pieces of the body and try they pieces side by side in all combinations to pick the one I like best. This one ended up giving me a bookmatched butt. While that has been resting for a couple of months, I played with burl scraps and various color combinations, to learn and plan for the new top. And I picked up a nice piece of macassar ebony at Clarks Hardwoods here in Houston and cut and slotted a fretboard. Projects, those are what keep me healthy and happy. This weekend I got a package from Northwest Timber. They pack their wood really well for shipment. The piece was between two pieces of plywood as well as a double layer of cardboard. So this is what I have to work with - my own guitar kit. SR
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    That looks like it would be hard work, how long did that take? im looking forward to following this one, the top is going to be very striking!
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    Used fine finishing pad to sand back the finish to pop the grain. First coat of danish oil on body. Some colour did lift on to the cloth but very happy with it so far. The faux binding came out well, the stain didn’t soak through anywhere so nice tight line. I did leave a very fine faux line on the top, probably should have gone a bit thicker when I was masking off but am pleased all the same. whilst wet the colours really do dance under good lighting, love it
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    yes, what he said... wood is worthy of speachless.
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    so there's a local place I visit... where I asked them to bring in some curly maple from their sister store in california. Peterman lumber. It's S2S curly maple approx 7/8" x 7" x 10' for $25 a board. Figured it might work good for a slip matched top and if not def for laminated neck stock. The other board isn't as consistently curly as this one... but pretty nice for the price anyway. Don't know if they ship and i suspect the shipping would be a killer anyway... but thought I'd mention for those in CA or AZ. at the very least - perhaps you like to look at wood as much as i do. wood porn! also... here's a little something I picked up at home depot the other day...
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    well I have a spare room if you ever want to visit the dark side! moo hoo ha ha ho ho hee! (but don't steal any of my 8/4 walnut nor ebony that's stacked under the bed!) I'm pretty spoiled. they had a piece of 1 x 12" x 12' of purple heart that had some light/med figure to it. I believe it's $8/bd ft so probably $100. they also have teak, bloodwood, bubinga, zebra, etc... for similar prices. last time I went there they had 8/4 maple that had med birdseye in it. I passed at the time as I don't see me using 12' of 8" @ 8/4. Should have snagged it because it would have been $2.95/bd ft. I need to visit that place more often!
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    That's a pretty good price for no curls at all. SR
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    But yours are sooooo worth waiting for. My wife thought the same thing. When I showed it to her her just stared at it. Finally she said " you are going to make me a table out of that, aren't you"? Noooo.....but I'll get another one and do just that, babe. SR
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    Some modest progress on the tele neck. My first effort with the fretboard was a failure - I started off trying to route the little recess of the wheel and I also to it down to final taper. The routing process went badly, the template slipped and I took a hair more off that I wanted to. I went with it anyway and stuck it on using a couple of locator blocks superglued on to the side of the neck (as pictured). This method actually worked really well, except for the fact that it was executed by a cretin - I didn't realise the clamps weren't properly tight when I knocked the blocks off, so when I did tighten them, I got slippage that I wasn't able to correct, so I pulled the board off before it was too late and walked away - If I hadn't I probably would have thrown it at the wall. Take 2... This time I started with a fresh fretboard blank at correct thickness, use a router to cut a perfect square end, then I marked my cut lines and just did the recess cuts with my new inlay saw. Much better results and kicking myself for using a power tool for a job that I can to perfectly well with a hand tool. This time I tapped in a couple of 1mm pin nails to the neck blank, snipped them off just proud and used them as locator pins pressed into the fretboard, clamped down to make sure then glued - something I haven't done since my very first neck build. This was a much more successful glue up. Trimming the fretboard flush was not as straight forward as my usual builds given that the fretboard overhangs by about 15mm. So I used the flush trim bit to get close then a hand plane to get the very end of the board true with the rest of it. Then the most tricky part was the binding channel. - I cut the fretboard 1.5mm shorter than the end of the truss rod wheel to stick binding onto the end, so that was easy. But I hat to rebate as much as I could with the guide, then I carefully took the rest of with a sharp chisel. Now I need to figure out if I am going to cut the round section off the nut end and cut extra thick binding to cover the nut/headstock join, or if I'm going to try and bend the binding. Currently I am leaning towards the latter, might look a bit swankier and I've got plenty of walnut to try with in case I mess up. Fortunately all is not lost with the dead fretboard, It will be ok for a 22 fret gibson/prs style build as long as it has a bound fretboard. I now have the tuners and bridge in my position so I can get the tuner holes drilled and get rid of the excess thickness from the headstock. Then it's on to inlay which knowing me, I'll put off for a few months while I work on something else.
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    I live on the wrong side of the pond
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    That's true isn't it. The nicer materials I use, the prettier the wood, the more inspired I am to be creative and really work at doing a good job. It's always been there, but I don't think I've ever looked at it quite that way before. SR
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    Routing cavities, first one went no problem...2nd one again router issues! How does a flush bit with 2 bearings dig into the wall? but I made a little plug (not putty despite that being my first instinct) worked fine but wish I thought of grain matching at least a little. turned out ok...going to one painted and under pick guard so no BFD I suppose. Rounded hard edges and carved belly cut tonight carving is easily my favorite part of this process
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    Great stuff! And sheesh you almost can’t tell that you have built it from multiple pieces, nice work.
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    Gorgeous wood! I love working with inspiring materials. I’m sure it will end up as impressive as always.
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    Here is my design, it will have arch top type bracing ( they will most likely get shaped as well) . The top will end up at 0.1875 thickness. The bridge will change as that one design did not work well in my tests. There will also be an under the top plate about 0.125" under the bridge saddle area.
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