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    Been working every day all day on these guitars. Somehow still barely making progress. Finally got his one packed up and ready to go. 7 string EXP with ziricote veneer, claro walnut neck, black limba body.
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    Properly sharpened tools make all the difference in the world. They are much safer, and the job is much more fun using them. SR
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    @curtisa, the ghost system does not come as saddles and preamp as a kit. They are separate. That being said, because the Ghost saddles are hex pickups, meaning each saddle is a pickup, a normal preamp will not work with them unless you make a harness to bring them all together as a single. Also balance between them must be thought of. Therefore the Graphtech Ghost preamp would be the best route, as this is designed for that setup. MK
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    Finally got round to glueing the neck on this one, I say finally but I was really just procrastinating over sanding all the grain-filler. Got that done and glued the neck in this evening. This time, trying to combat glue squeeze out around the neck pocket - something that seems to plague most of my builds, I have applied a modest amount of glue to the pocket and tenon with a paint brush. Then I used warm water and a toothbrush to scrub away all the excess thoroughly. Hopefully that combined with already having filled the grain will prevent white lines appearing along the joints and white flecks in the grain once I've sprayed it with lacquer. Touch wood... Something else I did this time, was to thin down some sanding sealer and lightly apply several coats on the inside of the f-hole with a brush to help prevent dye seeping into the edges - it's quite easy to stop dye spilling over the sides on the body but it's a bit more awkward with the f-hole. I'll be wanting to get this one stained and sprayed before too long. But with my humidity gauge in the garage reading 75% on a good day, I don't think that is going to happen any time soon.
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