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    No, just a few chained tangents.
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    1957 Futura build I've been building for about 7 years now. It's a hobby I started with my dad where we built a couple of guitars together at his work shop. Since then I have been adding to my own workshop over the years. I have been pulled towards the "golden era" of electric guitars. The late 50's and through the 60's. I started with almost no wood working experience but I have a background in CAD and computers. Here is the link to the build thread here - 1957 Futura build Here is how the guitar looked when finished. It was my first attempt at a vintage nitro cellulose vintage finish, complete with finish checking. Regards Peter.
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    Most of my basses have a bit of a back story, so this one is no different. My very good friend became a dad for the first time a few months back. I'd like to present him with something kinda special and personal, so here goes I'm kinda reinventing the wheel here as I go, as this will all be handmade, so the procedures are quite different to Warwick's... I have also ommited the first few steps, but I have basically spliced together a walnut necktrough blank with a shorter cherry piece to cover the face portion of the neck blank, dissappearing under the fretboard. Neck is not scarfed, but has a thick faceplate, 3.5mm to strenghten the short fibers there. Fretboard is the heart of the canadian walnut, wings cherry. So this is where I'm at now:
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    so a while back I bought a craftsman 13" planer from craigslist. It ran very loud and in fact terrifying, so had considered just replacing it instead of pouring money into new blades... as it doesn't have a chip port anyway... but the other day I decided I'd take a $50 risk and ordered some HSS V2 blades from globaltooling. Had to do some work to break the screws free (wd40 and sit for 20mins then one or two broke free so repeated several times and finally got all 12 out). Cleaned the machine up really good and oiled the raise/lower mechanism. Got the new blades in and ran some flamed maple thru it - was like a revelation. Very quite and smooth to the point it startled me that I wasn't hearing a lot. wetted down my flamed maple and made a few light passes and they came out the other end with zero tear-out and zero snipe despite being 5' long. Just wanted to share my experience on the off chance that someone else is in the same place afa thinking about buying new or contemplating replacing blades. World of difference.
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    been working on other things, as well as not feeling like working on guitars as much. Still been trying to make it happen though.
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    This will blow your mind. This was supposedly written 40 years ago by Dean Koontz.
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    Disease! Disease! Spreading the disease. With some help from Captain Trips, He'll bring the world down to his knees.
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    Wow gone completely off-topic LOL! Yeah my landlords always put up a Christmas tree, its for the kid. What makes it worse is the loungeroom is too small but they put it up anyway, its a very badly designed house. Its huge but all the rooms are small, very typical of Perth houses in the late 80's ...and to stay on-topic, there is very little space to put shelving or cupboards. I can't fit my Queen size bed in here
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    They cancelled SXSW as well. I think too many people read Dragonriders of Pern and took it seriously.
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    Can't build stables and hang iron from the house,soooo. Realistically though, I'm not sure why 1100 cases in the entire Country require all this panic. I'm still doing my thing. Allergies are a more serious threat. At least there probably won't be many tax audits this year.
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    Mandatory work from home for a month. My shop door is 7 feet away from my chair.
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    Arrived. Together with her 2 years older sister at home.
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    I have plenty of that only a few more spaces that I can add a shelf or 2. Need to get to those areas as well. I also have a supply room in here that has shelves. If I could get rid of the damn X-Mas tree I could also use that space.
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    The Pimp Hi y’all! Wanted to do a thematic build so I imagined a guitar with pimp aesthetics. purple velvet jacket, gold bling, raw p90 sound etc 2 piece Korina body sealed with shellac and painted in ultra thin-skin nitro. Halon gold hardware trem and bridge (you gotta try these! Best quality! World - class alloys and tone!) Nick Silver blue moonlight pickups alnico II 50s style p90s gotoh vintage gold tuners ebony fretboard 16” radius tortoise shell pickguard real mop inlays 4-ply laminated neck flame maple with walnut. home-made decal layered angled headstock (9 degrees) loved the tone! You can rock out with it, play the blues and surf for dayzz! enjoy!! https://youtu.be/7o0ZYNWLxZE
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    I kept going with the pick guards and beveled all the edges on both sets. I used my router table and just screwed the pick guards to a 1/4" mdf template and set my 45 degree chamfer bit to the correct height. I set it up with all white and will just pack the black when I ship. It's a pain to switch out the pick guard because the bridge sits on top of it but the two are exactly the same so it should not be an issue. So this is pretty much where I started with this thread. I packed it up and sent it off to the new owner on Thursday. He should have it by tomorrow and I am looking forward to his reaction. So that's it for this one. Thanks for watching. On to the next project! Cheers Peter.
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