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    It's the Euro sign. You know, similar to dollar but more valuable.
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    I recently bought myself a wall hanger that can take up to 9 guitars. However it came with a warning that the coating on the hangers could react with nitrocellulose lacquer. I think it just affects the accessory (leads, headphones, etc.) hangers, but just to be on the safe side I butchered an old pair of jeans I even had to go and buy some orange thread for the proper "look"
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    Better safe than sorry! The "pants" look just like those on some comics or even puppet animations. You could make a prosperous career by stitching jeans and other textiles for doll house hobbyists!
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    Salty conversations, woo! Anyway. Not sure if SD covers are special, however the wider trembucker pole spacing is needed. I've no idea why wide spacing isn't the standard rather than the exception any more. But hey. The other option on the table is a set of Fluence Classics. Not my first choice since I really dig the SD Custom Custom's VH type of crunch and feel, and the 59 in the neck. I'm sure these can be dialled in to produce similar feels from the instrument they're fitted to, even if not the same specific tone. Feel means a lot, but the tone produces that mental feedback loop if that makes sense. Having the pickups on the bench makes a huge difference in making the pickup rings. I'd rather manufacture them from the physical item, however I'm certain that Fishman's dimension specs are on the nose.
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    As @Bizman62 may well know, US 'humor' is also known to be vastly inferior to UK/EU 'humour'. The extra 'u' makes it far funnier.
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    Wasn't happy with how the bridge was sitting and the intonation was slightly out on the bass side. So today I made a new bridge, premeasured to make sure it would be in exactly the right position for the intonation. The new bridge, same saddle. Slightly slimmer, but a bit taller. Cleaned up where the glue squeezed out and gave it a buff. New bridge in place. Can now access the thumbwheels a lot easier, but with the new height bridge the posts are at the lowest point and the action is spot on. Not the best pic, had gone dark outside and just wanted to show the new look bridge position.
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