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    Hey, who ever took the time to put this on the web, You are a hero! to me I just thank you enough I won't be using the template I will be eyeballing it but I needed a clue to see what Was shooting for thanks again
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    For the record, the Shark was a candy clear over unstained Quilt Maple. As per StratsRdivine's post.
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    " Worse, when shaping a paper-based template the edges "fluff up" and obscure the lines we're trying to shape to. " THIS! I am looking forward to trying out the techniques described here. Thanks Carl!
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    I think there is a big chance of the finish chipping out being dragged by the bushing from the body. Because of this I rather put a washer around he hole to spread the pressure on the body, then stack several washers on top of the first one or use s short pipe, screw a bolt in the bushing and tighten it. Wile tightening, the stack of washers push against the wood and the bolt pulls the bushing up. If the first washer's inner diameter is just like the diameter of the bushing, there is no risk of chipout. Place the washer with the burr (sharper edge) facing up, so that it does not press into the finish.
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