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  1. Great article, and I actually got a great idea from it. Next time I make a part on my laser, I will throw in a pc of cardboard and hit start again to make shipping holders for the part just made. I encourange any luthier or wood shop to look into lasers. I budgeted $30 grand to get one, and after searching I found one for less that 12 grand. The good chinese lasers that have US based tech support can start at 5 grand. Well within a budget, considering how much time they save and the freedom they provide. I laser many of my router templates from 1/4" baltic birch plywood instead of acrylic due to its stability, lack of cracking, and easy to screw through.
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  2. I have great results from a yoga mat, and I don't even need to cut it up. When I get done, i go into a Downward Dog, and renew my vitalenergy!
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