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    Still a lot a details to see to, but I'd say it was a pretty good weekend of work. There is something about the proportions of this that I really like. SR
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    In the bright sunlight. And with the first coat of Tru-Oil. SR
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    I am impressed with the Stew-Mac Fret Tang tool! It cuts VERY nicely, but ... OUCH!!! I have some issues with my hands (getting old), and using this tool was tortuous. Surely they could do something about those slippery, hard, excruciatingly difficult to use handles, huh?! Well, those straight, hard handles DID make it easy to attach a solution. Mind you, this is still a work in progress ... I will slim the grips down a bit more, and finish them with oil or something. But I really wanted to finish the fretboard for my Limba6, so invested a couple hours (well-spent time!) to make these. Oh, and they stand up! ... Which made it a breeze to finish prepping the rest of the frets!
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    Recently glued the top on this one and started on some carves
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    Managed to get a quite decent photo of the glow effect on this one.
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    couple of power chords so she can fake some AC/DC
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    Ruosniemen Panimo ("Ruosniemi Brewery") is literally a 6min drive from my home. Musta Lomittaja (literally, "black seasonal worker") is their smoked saison which took several awards this year around Europe. Dark and tastes like Pine tar smoke. 6,3% with Saaz and Magnum. Look at that (natural) charcoal colour though.....! Diplomi-Insinööri or "highly qualified engineer" is in line with Ruosniemen Panimo's habit of naming their beers after professions or occupations. We tried the "normal" Insinööri last week and it was typical supermarket-strength (4,7% or below) hoppy stuff. This is far weightier, and all the better for it. Distinct dry mandarin and grapefruit DIPA. Columbus, Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade, so yeah. No surprise as to why. Quite passable. Heavy, bitter as hell and like trying to find the Titanic in pea soup. This blows me away every time.
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    You absolute savage! 'Master luthiers' everywhere will be pulling their hair out!
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    One more for good measure. This is the sister set that I pulled out this morning. Black and blue soaks followed by a pull in yellow. This is a much thinner billet so the soaked colors will likely be more drastic inside than the one above. Chris
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    A few minutes in the shop late yesterday...routed the ledge, marked the angle and chiseled away most of the bulk, then refined some more with scrapers...I love scrapers! Last shot got both of my feet in it, so...showing one half of the wing 1-IMG_20170917_180550 by Goran P, on Flickr 2-IMG_20170917_180556 by Goran P, on Flickr 3-IMG_20170917_193458 by Goran P, on Flickr 4-IMG_20170917_194233 by Goran P, on Flickr 5-IMG_20170917_195819 by Goran P, on Flickr 6-IMG_20170917_202405 by Goran P, on Flickr 7-IMG_20170917_204851 by Goran P, on Flickr
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    It was interesting to see how much the zebra wood looked like sapele when its stripes were dyed over. Following the schedule I sanded the amber back with 400 and then went all the way through the micromesh grits. Every square inch of this face flips in changing light angles. SR
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    Frame is now together and square.
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    No pics, but I enjoyed some Elysian Space Dust this week. First time I've had it, very nice stuff!
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    I officially dedicate this guitar to my firstborn son Chris who passed away Feb 18, 2017. He was 24 years old Its called "Phoenix"
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    A little teaser on this one, just did the resin pouring on the body inlays, starts to look kinda cool
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    This is it in sunshine. Quite something, isn't it Whether it will still show when it's been radiused, who knows, but I can't think why it shouldn't
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    Yea it's really weird. We found out our nextdoor neighbors of 20+ years are friends with Rick Wakeman. They had a dog named (Starship) Trooper haha. Once Ricks son Adam came visiting and borrowed our carseats for his kids. He's keys for Sabbath and Ozzy right now. cough cough! Anyhoo, if I get to meet Trevor Rabin and Jon Anderson I'll probably poop my pants, and I'm not one to get starstruck or anything.
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    Yea headplate, solid volute (i LOVE them), and not a full 14. I need to measure again to see what it is. Plinth done, just need to rewire tonearm and reassemble. The mahogany looks like figured koa which makes me deliriously happy.
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    Congratulations on your well-deserved win, @Andyjr1515!
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    Well the table / base is almost complete, A friend came by and helped me. being wood it is a beast. Planed 2x4s and 2x6s doubled up, glued, screwed and lap joints. I will be pulling the screws since they are only clamping the glue. no reason to waste them. LOL!! Hell I may even seal and paint the damn thing.
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    You can ONLY get it in Wisconsin! I've got two weeks off and just finished my speaker veneering project, so let's get on with this build. Here's to it. Benefits of living in Indiana is easy access to lots of Three Floyds.
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    And finally it's done!!! Axim.7 is ready and delivered to customer.
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    Finally pressed in those fret markers, and rough-radiused the fretboard. I will spend some more time to confirm it's straight and smooth, and probably take it down another 0.3mm (or thereabouts). Waiting on frets and brass nut. Pics make a multiscale look "off." As far as I can tell, everything measures correct.
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    Thanks guys. Axim.7 is finished and Im so glad) Want to share with you this short video. It's not a demo, no. Just video))
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    Methinks you take great delight in being a half-step sideways of conventional Andy. And I'm familiar with that sentiment. SR
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    I'm enjoying seeing the S9 return to the In Progress section of the forum. I spy a foot shot in your last post, too.
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    Ok, just trial an error to setup the notch heights on the upright?
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    SO my truck took a dump. It has been having intermittent dead battery and or not starting, just turning over. What a PITA. Well after a lot of research and everyone telling me it was the fuel pump and my alternator. Much testing on my part. I found that sometimes after turning off the truck that I had a draw on the battery and the fuel pump kept running. That was killing the battery. Other times, turn it off no draw but then no power to the fuel pump when trying to start again. What I found was it was the fuel pump relay was fucked up. Well that sounds easy? NOT!! It is hard soldered to the TIPM board which is the entire fuse box. Dodge wanted $1200.00 for a new one. Fuck that, I found a guy in West Virginia that rebuilds them for $265.00 Damn Skippy, I was on that like a June bug in the Summer. Just got it back and 5 mins to install. All fixed and working well. Now to get back to working on that damn CNC. MK
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    Yeah the second guitar thing... I guess I have to build two at a time because you have to have something to do while RoboRAD is running. Irma is leaving us alone. Hope everyone can dry out at some point>
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    While I wait on RoboRad going to put the headplate on the mystery guitar.
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    i am not sure I could stomach that smoked saison- but the others look dern fine. So after a week -make that two- of hellish work, a couple little surprises showed up this week at my favorite bottle shop. They were kind enough to hold back a 4 pack for me as I have constantly asked them about this for a year now, they sold out on Thursday night (delivery day) and I was MIA due to work. Gang of Blades from Burial. Double IPA- 8.3% Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria, Simcoe hops and the first one was heaven. The second one- I dont know- it was really really malty. I was kinda bummed. I mean- the first one was delicious- fruity, creamy, smooth, and then - well- the honeymoon was over. I am going to have to send one to a fellow beer geek for trusted opinion on the matter. That leaves one left for me that I will consume next weekend and hopefully the honeymoon returns I included close ups of the can art for @ScottR
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    You're probably bored of all the praise now, Andy, but this is a real looker. It reminds me of something Rick Toone would build. I love everything about it from the unstained finish, the strings, the hidden electronics and the body shape. The ONLY thing that I questioned was the protruding bridge on the backside but that's more because I want to be able to lay a guitar flat. I imagine it doesn't get in the way of a seated playing position. Bravo. I can't wait to see what you do next, even if you do go back to something more traditional .
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    What are the best woods to practice on? Anything... the darker they are the more they'll hide mistakes though. But for practice... who cares... seeing your mistakes loud and clear may be a good thing. What is a good/cheap inlay material to practice with? Again, anything you can cut with a saw. Plastics from around the house. Shell "seconds" can be had pretty cheap and will obviously be more realistic for your ultimate goals. What are the minimum tools I need? Rotary tool (like a dremel) with a nice router base. Router bits (I'd suggest 1/32", 1/16" and 1/8"). Jeweler's saw. Mini file set (Home Depot's are fine). Is a router/dremel essential or can you do inlay with just chisels? I wouldn't suggest it... it's possible but I'm betting it'll turn you off it. If you can use just chisels how do you get the bottom flat? Good luck lol What are the best ways to get the inlay material flush with the surface of the wood? Sand it once you've inlaid it... Is there a resource that can tell me what woods are toxic and should only be worked on with a breathing mask and ventilation? To my knowledge there are no "toxic" woods... at least that luthiers commonly work. There are woods that are known allergens for the general population (like cocobolo). It's always a good idea to wear a mask, period. Wood dust in general isn't great for your lungs, especially if you plan on doing this for a long time. Best, Chris
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    Yep I just got home from Tulsa. Ran with a Group of Oklahoma Fire Depts that were heading south hauling boats and rescue equipment. I fell in the back of the convoy since I was in my truck and it is white like theirs. No problems from local POPO or troopers. we ran 85+ LOL Made great time getting home. I have spoke with all of my family and friends south of me and all are well, wet but well. Only one is stranded in their home due to the roads not passable, has power, plenty of food and water. Be safe all of you down there. MK
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    T-Minus y'all. Getting excited. I love this sort of stuff (eclipses, meteor showers, etc)- Mr camera is trying out my eclipse viewing glasses. Not sure those are for him. hopefully he takes good pics and I can share. Traffic heading north outside my neighbor (rt 124) was toast this morning. as is i-85 n and i-985n. people heading up to the mountains to get in the 100% zone. we are in the 97-98% zone and my deck is looking mighty cozy right now. Pork and beef is grilling, and beverages will be a flowin. sunscreen has been applied, and box fans are in position. even mrs natural is popping a corona and cutting limes as I type this. later taters.
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    My decision is with the Schaller but I put all this to enrich our knowledge
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    Great looking guitar. Its similar to what i would build.
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    The Shadow knows.
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    not sure what you're asking here. video what? have you checked out this page: http://ibanez.wikia.com/wiki/Edge it's got some specs and drawings as well that can help you out maybe.
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    I have an original Edge waiting to be installed in one of my projects. If you want me to measure some stuff just ask. They do show up on ebay etc., but usually quite expensive......
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    The tenon has areas just below the surface of the body...mandolin dimensions don't always translate to quitar build techniques. I filled the end of the tenon with epoxy and the leveled the tenon with epoxy and router chips from the neck pocket. And started fitting the top until I ran out of weekend. And right about here I realized that between the taper of the neck and the overhang of the fretboard, it is going to be tricky to get a nice fit to the neck and actually get it on the neck in position to be glued up. I'm going to have to think on that one for a bit.... What did you do? SR
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