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    And this is one reason I haven't been making much progress lately. Re-doing a bedroom, and making my own pine flooring. Pine isn't the best choice b/c it's a bit soft, but it's a bedroom, not a heavy traffic area. And this is where the disposable income went. Re-built Chevy 327, 4-barrel Holly, aluminum intake, reprofiled cam, and a re-built Chevy 4-speed automatic.
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    More like a goat compass. Anyone can see that the goat is there...I know which part of the goat is pointing North.
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    Linseed oil and shellac boiled together is a very old school varnish; add a few more components to that such as sandarac or similar and you're wandering into violin-finish sorts of territory. I'm a big advocate of raw linseed oil myself on fingerboards, and as you say, it doesn't "feed" the wood which is a term invented by the furniture polish industry to sell products one doesn't need. Raw linseed wiped on, wiped off is as good as it gets. As far as shellac stopping oils from rising up, it's probably the simplest method short of encasing it in silly amounts of plastic or other crap. That said, it doesn't prevent oxidation (slows it down at best) or block changes from exposure to UV. Preaching to the converted, I know, but I always end up talking to one but meant for all.... To stay in line with my one and only standing warning on the site, "it's spelt with a G".
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    I haven't checked in for a while. Now it makes sense - y'all were taking my name in vain, and Scott is embarrassing us all again. It was calling out to me to come see.
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    And I still am Yes, shellac is the only thing that will keep in the oils of rosewoods and prevent them from rising to the surface and eventually becoming black, lifeless, ugly fretboards. You only need 1-2 coats to seal it in. And for other non-finished freboards, I do still like linseed oil. It's not to protect the wood, but to bring out the color. The protection it offers is minimal, and therefore negligible for our purposes. And now, Scott, I have more reason to hate you. I've been wanting to make an electric mandolin for a while. Now that you've done it, nothing I ever do will look any good at all. greasy pile of vajinal discharge
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    It's a PG thing. Every once in a while you have to sneak in a build shot that includes your feet.
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    The timing is perfect, it makes the thing more enjoyable. It's just that, after watching the whole woodworking process done with big tools, you know... then the inlay is done by hand and so precisely... it was a magic moment.
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    Mine doesn't hang,it points at the nearest goat.
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    Well, its been hardening 2 weeks and still a couple to go, but its hard enough to take it off the hanger and get a few pix that give an idea what the finished product will look like. Picture this with all the black hardware (pickups, rings, Floyd Rose, tuners, knobs) installed, as well as back and TR covers. The lighting in these pix make the mahogany look a bit more yellow than it looks for real. Of course the very minor orange peel and you can see on the top as well as the little crust of nitro along the fretboard edges will be gone too
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    Very slick. Looks like the kind of guitar these guys would play: