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    Hi All, I'm starting a build thread mainly to keep track of my progress and also for hints & tips if anyone stops me going wrong somewhere, and encouragement if I get disheartened! As per the title, this is my first build from scratch. Like everyone else I've done a few parts builds, but I've also got experience with woodwork from a little knifemaking sideline I've done until changing jobs recently. For those who are interested, here are some pics: Back to the case in hand! I'm building the following: 6 string Blackmachine type guitar Tulip Poplar body Maple top (below average figuring) Padauk neck with wenge centre strip & white laminates (0.6mm thick), scarf joint into headstock. Ebony ferret Fixed Hipshot-style bridge Locking tuners Still undecided on pickups, I have a single Sentient, but I fancy white/zebra pups in this build so am toying with the idea of a set of Irongear pickups. For the price I don't think I can go wrong. Colour and finish wise I'll be going for an unfinished neck, oiled body and stained top. Haven't decided whether to go for oiled satin finish on the top or wipe on poly buffed to a high gloss. Colour will be a light brown/dark amber non burst. I'm cheating with this build as I have bought a pre-slotted, pre-radiused fretboard, and I'll be using router templates On to pics! Router templates from http://www.templatesandjigs.com/ Photos from the eBay listing of the top wood: This is the type of finish I'm aiming for colour wise: Pics of the raw materials: Looking forward to getting started in the coming weeks!
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    A couple of updates. I got the 7 string buffed and ready for hardware. The white is actually the reflection of the clouds. The purple SS also got its last coats of clear as well.
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    On a much lighter note..... June bugs are attacking my porch light like kamikazees I swat them and stomp them until they pile up like black popcorn outside my back porch door. Why do they not call them March bugs? SR
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    I think things like this should be part of a public healthcare system. A man who works his entire life and paid his taxes to live the American dream should have a healthcare system that works to provide the BEST solution, not the cheapest. It really pisses me off, to say the least. I've personally given up on any sort of recompense for all my "extra" I've done over the years to be an asset to the company I worked for and a solid citizen. Never spent time in jail, never seriously harmed another individual, lived my life as a good neighbor and a good person who has cost the taxpayers no money...yet I look Forward to the same situation you're in now as a best case scenario. Fuck America. Fuck any Country who would leave a valuable citizen high and dry.
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    Nice to see some knife work, I do a bit of that myself. It looks like you've got a Bo Diddly half way done! SR
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    And then polished up through all the micro mesh grits. Next I sealed one wide side and one narrow side with thinned nitro, and the other two sides with Tru-Oil. From there I will shoot a few coats of nitro and then tint the whole thing red and finish shooting with nitro. I'll poish the whole thing up and decide which of the 4 sides and techniques I like best. And I'll have something to do while the Tru-Oil cures on my guitar. SR
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    As I said, I added a tad bit more burst to the edges. See if you can tell. And after a few more coats of Tru-Oil, the sun got in a nice low position and highlighted some of the figure. SR
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    Hey JimF. Taking the plunge? Go for it mate You look all set and plenty of support here should you need it. Ditto on the templates and pre-slotted fretboard... Use those myself. Look forward to seeing this progress into a work of art. Nice knife handles too!
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    Couldn’t agree more. Break it down into small neatvtasks and take care with your measurements and cuts and you’ll do just great.
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    I love how you made those knobs! It's nice to see a method that doesn't require a lathe or dodgy drill press set-up.
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    Well, just tried doing a locknut open vs locknut closed comparison and I can't feel the difference. There obviously is some stretching occuring behind then nut because if I bend a string, clamp the nut while holding the string bent and then release the string the resting pitch of the string is marginally flatter than when it started. If I then release the locknut, that pre-bent string then returns sharper to the correct pitch. I made some measurements to see if there was a difference in distance it took to bend a string up with the lock nut engaged or disengaged. The 3rd string was fretted at the 9th position (E) and bent a full step up to F#. For each E and F# I used a Peterson strobe tuner to make sure I was nailing the pitch for both static and bent strings. Calipers were utilised to measure the deflection of the string using the edge of the fretboard as a reference: Static distance of 3rd string from treble edge of fretboard at 9th position = 21.11mm Distance from treble edge of fretboard, bending up to F#, locknut off = 34.27mm (deflection = 13.16mm) Distance from treble edge of fretboard, bending up to F#, locknut on = 33.26mm (deflection = 12.15mm) 1mm difference is about 8% change in deflection required to raise the string pitch a full step, but in practice I personally can't tell the difference; It just gets absorbed into the mechanics of my playing. The deflection difference may be more pronounced if the Floyd wasn't fully floating and was blocked off.