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    Since I moved last fall I've been building/rebuilding my shop. I used to live close enough to my father in law to use his tools for rough wood prep (planing and jointing and whatnot). But we're a bit further away now, and I've a bit more shop space. So, new additions: I should be adding a planer in the next few weeks, then I just need to build some additional storage and I'll be pretty well organized!
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    I don't care what people say, this old dog has learnt a lot of new tricks since I retired, You are never to old to learn you just need the right attitude. Forums like this really helped me to get inspired not only to make guitars but to make a whole bunch of other wood related stuff. My latest toy is an Inventible's X carve cnc, which has got the biggest learning curve of all the tools in my workshop but hey learning is fun and it helps keep that old grey matter alive.
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    I never refuse to learn anything new and in fact am still learning how to build and play guitars and I doubt I will ever stop.
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    You're only old when you quit playing and refuse to learn anything new. There's always something awesome to pick up or learn. I just can't get enough of that, anyway.
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    Nope, we've all been through it. And once you think you've got all the standard problems solved, you learn how to invent new ones. When you think about it the whole build is an exercise in solving problems. The better you get at solving the problems, the better your builds become. SR
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    I actually don't know what the breakdown of costs are. This is a foundry run by artists who are flexible with working with the customer. I would guess labor must be at least $60 an hour. When I did my boar heads they gave me a price break over a certain quantity. Having them cast me six boar heads cost almost the same as casting four. For the heads- I did all the wax, metal and patina work. I think the total cost was under $800 factoring in the cost of bronze at $6.00 a pound. The foundry will provide a quote to me before they go forward with the casting. If I were to do a quantity, the price would most likely decrease. I really hope it will cost me less than $500.