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    Here’s a new little toy I’ve been chipping away at. It’s a mahogany mantle piece mated to a hard maple chair leg! Just thrown it into one piece this morning to check all is well before finer finishing etc. Its for my 11 year old and also fits in our big rucksack so will come camping with us etc. It’s a touch more planned out than my last attempt but still mostly made up as I went along.
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    hmm, it's hard to say how that's going to come out on that body wood. It's hard to see in the video but it does look to come out pretty even and I 'spose that would avoid the splotchy-ness that typically happens with softer wood. worth a shot. We all have our own methods and for me I'd be more comfy just using aniline dye first - but cutting it back a lot with water/alcohol. building up the color slow so you can see where it's going to soak in the most. I guess we'll see when we see it!