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    Everything went (mostly) as planned and I successfully surprised the guys with their new piccolo basses last week between sets at a gig. They seem pretty happy. Here's a shot of the the instruments before they were handed off: A ground came loose in the blue guitar, so Sean didn't get to play it plugged in until Friday night when I brought it to a jam session. Here's a video of him playing it literally for the first time (don't judge him for his singing or me for my camera work!): I am so stoked to be give these guitars to my bandmates. We all know that there's magic that happens when you turn a pile of wood and metal into a musical instrument and hear it make sound for the first time - the saying "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" definitely applies here. There is even more magic when you take that newly minted instrument, place it in the hands of a skilled musician, and hear them make it come to life. Full pictures and write-up to come...
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    And I got more work done freeing his legs. Poor little guy has a bad case of toenail fungus. His proportions are still rather puppy like. Getting them closer to adult reality will be one of the last things to happen. Funny how that works. SR
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    Today's lamination of the deep topography Fire Burl in 1/4" acrylic went great. The panel also thermoformed without bubbling, formed to a 26" radius nicely, and is ready for cutting. Will be a much better blank than the previous one with the green liquid back carving. On top of that, I thermoformed the 4th quilted acrylic panels with high adhesion back coating to very uniform radii. Now on to the easy part - making guitars with this stuff. Trust me - it is the easy part. I may not say that when these are done in a month or so.
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    thanks for that ...anyway this is the template looking towards the fretboard ie the 1st string pole is a lot larger than the 6th + the are other elements in the fernandes pickup though http://www.google.co.uk/patents/US5585588 i made the core without the 'side / bottom ' bits ..just the poles and 9mm deep it must be scaled so the strings match up with the poles it works a treat as a basic sustainer fernandes put a lot more into the design with phase shifters /agc / current amplifiers and limiters etc etc so unless a schematic is published of their circuit ( or someone designs something similar ) the true fernandes performance will be hard to emulated i used a lm386 with no preamp but running at 12v from a psu ( i haven't tried it with 9v batteries ) i think any amp with a decent 0/p which will drive an 8ohm load will do??? this for me gave sustain on all 6 strings...job donel jeff beck watch out happy hacksawing reg-g
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    Great job, @a2k They both look fantastic
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    very cool A2K. great job on both axes. bonus points for the video.
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    Hey a2k, Just WoW! Great looking pair of (ahem) guitars, and you made it on time. Sean is very talented, makes that sound like no bass I've ever heard. Singing and camera work are fine, too! Very happy for you to pull this project off.
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    Long tenon it is. I'm gonna lose that dongle I added to the body template and glue on a heel with a proper tenon. Besides being dongle-less, it should make rough carving the heel much easier. So far, I've prepped and glued the body blanks. Doesn't look like much progress, but it feels like it! Action shots: Here's the wood I started with - curly maple and walnut. I squared it all up with the planer and table saw... And then resewed it with the big bad band saw... Glued up the two bodies... Then it went through the thickness sander and I traced the template outlines purely for fun. These will actually be the backs of the lil' mini-basses. I love how that walnut looks. Too bad it's going to have maple hiding half of it (at 1 1/4" it's too thin to go without a top), but at least the back will be visible. Last week I played hooky and headed into downtown Tokyo with a friend to check out a crazy immersive virtual reality game. Think Star Trek holo-deck with zombies and you've got a pretty good idea of what this was. Mind bending. It also meant no shop time for the week. Here's a shot before we headed into the holo-deck: This week my plan is to get the bodies cut out and the chambers routed. If I have more time, I'll get the tops glued together (I book matched the maple) and rough cut so they are ready to glue on. I also ordered all of the hardware, so I've been getting daily care packages with random guitar parts in them. Fun fun!