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    Yes sir. It makes it so much easier to get an even color. Here is the Paduak SS almost ready. This thing is a beast!
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    Introducing the Pinky Dinky Mahogany/Alder 3-and-a-bit-piece SS body, Maple (reverse F-style) neck, Richlite fretboard, Gotoh fixed bridge (Cosmo Black), Gotoh 381 tuners (Cosmo Black), Irongear "Metal Machine" pup and Amaranth Red matte finish
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    I decided that it might be a long time before I got another opportunity to make a headstock as unique as this one, so I think I'll forego the cap.....unless I decide it just doesn't work after the guitar has been assembled, at which point I shall likely curse and thrash about as I add a cap to a fully shaped headstock, which will be entirely more difficult. towards that end I removed the ledge I had created for the nut and will cut a new one after the fretboard has been located. I added a few coats of Tru-oil to the handle. It darkened the ziricote a bit, but should protect it from whatever mess my brother in law may subject it to. You may have noticed that I also have cut the top. I am itching to cut the fretboard, but am waiting for some new bandsaw blades that should have arrived but appear to be caught up in the holiday package delivery log jam.I had some bridge height corrections to make on the mandolin because I didn't take into account how much thickness I would lose while flattening the gluing surfaces of the top and body. While I'm waiting for new bandsaw blades I am preparing those surfaces prior to determining my neck angle and tenon depth. Cheers! SR
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    No worries. But can I ask, have you been drinking?
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    I dyed the back with the cavity cover in place so the burst incorporates it. Then on to Tru-Oil coats. SR
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    A few pics in the today's sun: 192 by Goran P, on Flickr 193 by Goran P, on Flickr 194 by Goran P, on Flickr
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    Just a little update. I finally got the Paduak SS sanded and a few coats of oil on it. Darkened up a lot, but is looking really organic.
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    Time to finally wrap this up then. First of all some videos... Demo video: Dan's Demo Video First public airing: 25 or 6 to 4 Black Magic Woman Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2 (My son playing bass) And then some photos... Thanks a lot to everyone that has followed this thread and given me so much encouragement & support throughout the build. To say that I am pleased with the outcome is a massive understatement. I had so many good & kind comments from the crowd last night when it was gigged for the first time (see video links above). Oh and in case you were wondering, I am the bass player - apart from the one song that my son got up to play on. It sounds like a proper telecaster too - which was one of my priorities for the build
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    More routing and messy shenanigans in the Kemp workshop today. Started working some more on the competition winner build which is a Korina DC 6-string with Floyd and Seymour Duncan HSS pickups. Edit: and only 24.75" scale length, not something I do often. First up, some sawdust ... All cleaned up...
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    I only used a wash coat of dark purple dye originally, then did the rest with gradual coats of kandy color. Then i sanded the edge to shape and it left a clear line. Here are some better pics.
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    What's been happening in the Kemp workshop this week so far... Firstly, sorting out some wood for the new batch of customs just started, including this Ash (custom 7-string SD carvetop) body with Maple neck and Flame Maple fretboard... And today I've been carving the Leopardwood neck...
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    I began a test on scrap process that has a couple of pieces finished the same way and then has Tru-Oil started, with the plan being to pore fill with pumice and slurry. It also illustrates how the body will look in time. SR
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    Mordor approves this burst
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    Thank y'all so much! I actually got to sleep last night, that was pretty awesome! since this is a guitar forum I gotta throw up a guitar pic haha. here's some wiring I did on the n12 offset yesterday.
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    Good morning all. I know as a builder on this and other forums that people always clamor for audio samples of the finished products. I know I like to hear how these babies sound after following someones build thread So anyway, heres a song that features both of my GOTM and GOTY axes. The Phoenix build, and the blue 22 special. The rhythm guitar is the 22 special, and the solo is played on the phoenix. Theres a bit of a story that goes with the song. The short version is the lead vocals is my son Chris and the vocal track was recorded just a few weeks before he died and was the last time I saw him while he was still living. http://www.addictguitars.com/?page_id=4443
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    I started pore filling with fine pumice. I find the best way is to sprinkle the powder on and then rub it into the pores with my fingers. Then rub in Tru-Oil, which turns the pumice clear and creates a slurry. It also creates a noticeably harder layer that has a flat or satin finish. Subsequent coats of oil bring the gloss back (learned from my test pieces), and it appears that swatches cut from an old pair of blue jeans make a great Tru-Oil applicator. The tight twill weave seems to leave no lint and any threads that get loose are giant and easy to pick out of the oil. SR
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    Assembly time! My son helped (it means he has claimed the guitar), but being 8, we went trough the paint on the tip of the headstock while polishing...I guess we can live with that. The clause is that he has to take lessons 184 by Goran P, on Flickr Bridge and the wiring to follow!
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    Next batch of builds on the bench... Maple necks with Flame Maple, Richlite (again) and Wenge fretboards. Bodies in Ash, Sipo, Korina and Sipo with Flame Maple top. Doesn't look too fancy at the moment but they will when "finished" In the meantime, finally got the Pinky Dinky on the blanket today... Frets sorted and shielding (rear cavity and pup rout) done ready for assembly and setup tomorrow
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    I am not yet finished sanding with 120 grit.... ....and it will take all week for my fingerprints to grow back. SR
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    Success! Got over the first hurdle.
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    Time to reveal the latest Kemp build in all its glory... Had a real hard time selecting pics for this one. There's 8 on the website but here's (I think) the best handful... Custom 8-string DC - Wenge/Maple thru-neck, Ziricote drop-top on Sapele (stained) body wings, Multiscale Bocote fretboard, Hipshot fixed bridge, Gotoh 381 Magnum Lock tuners, Bare Knuckle Pickups Aftermath set and Tru-Oil finish
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    I probably dress frets the same way everyone does at least for the first steps. Seat the frets and file a bevel into the ends. Level the frets. I've been doing this with 400 grit paper glued to the face of my long plane. Mark a stripe across the crown of all the frets and then level to insure all fret crowns are on the same plane. Us a crowning tool to crown each fret. A marker stripe across the crown of each fret is useful here as well. Ideally, you'd like to leave a narrow stripe right down the center of each fret. I use the crowning tool to roll down the bevel off the fret ends and start the doming of the ends. Now I take a fret dressing file and round back the sharp little ends of the frets where they contact the edge of the fret board. I have a ceramic triangle stone with a triangular slot in it for sharpening fish hooks. I use 220 sandpaper fitted over that slot and run it the length of each fret like a crowning tool to polish the shoulders of each fret and dress up the crown a bit. Continue with 320 grit and 400. Once they have been polished up to 400, I get out my micromesh and the foam block that comes with it. I wrap the micromesh around the foam block and tilt the block so that one edge runs over the frets at a 45 degree angle. I run this up and down the fretboard. The foam block conforms to the radius of the fret board and the pointed edge of the block polishes up the edge up the fret from the base of the board to the crown. Running up the board gets one side of the frets and back down the board gets the other. I also run the block down the side of the fretboard at an angle which helps form the dome and polishes the ends as well.. repeating this through all the meshes leaves you with a nice polish and crown. While carving the neck and then sanding it, I also run the edge of the harder block with normal sandpaper at an angle over the fret ends which also adds to the doming of the ends. Clear as mud, eh? SR
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    Played around with some Pale Moon Ebony today More on this build soon...
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    Next, we clean up and square up the sides and tenon. And on to the rabid beaver. Sadly, it got dark before he could finish his meal. He'll need to make a new reservation for next weekend. SR
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    Just a couple of pics of the latest Kemp Guitars custom DC that will be on it's way to Canada tomorrow. Yes, it's quite similar in looks and spec to some of my other recent work. However, aside from being a leftie, it's got a Half-fan multiscale fretboard with the revised 6-string scale lengths (25.5"-26") - which I think works better and really comes into play here as this guitar is setup with heavier 13-56 strings and is tuned to B standard... A perfect example of the need for a 6-string multiscale Full spec: Sapele archtop body, Wenge/Sapele 3-piece neck, Macassar Ebony Half-fan multiscale fretboard loaded with Jescar FW57110SS fretwire, Gotoh fixed bridge and 381 Magnum Lock tuners (Cosmo Black) and Bare Knuckle Pickups Nailbomb...