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  1. Meh it happens! It was more of a boredom build then anything, I was bored, the torches and welder was there sharing at me, going plaaaaay with meeeeee. For what I have invested, I could flip it for over 3 times what i got into it and be laughin, so we will see, I am still looking for an old shovel head
  2. The ground is bad on the input of the amp.
  3. Started off as a TX 500 frame, I cut the rear end off, built the hard tail with a 3 inch stretch and a 2 inch drop. Installed the 8 inch over front end. Got a bare xs 650 block that I installed new. 50 over high compression pistons, web cams camshaft with high lift lobes, titanium valves and heavy duty springs and retainers. At this point I am waiting on new seat, springs, key switch and rear fender.
  4. Nice bike Wes, I am in the middle of building another chopper. Yes its a good thing I am young because that hard tail sucks a big old weiner
  5. This is my cat repellent Oh ya, he is only 3 months old there, hes 6 months old now and almost 60 pounds....
  6. I had to vote the mandolin, I think it was great to see something that is out of the "norm" for stringed insturments. Curtis
  7. i couldnt choose, choosing one didnt seem to do any of them any justice, they are all beautiful guitars, so i null voted Curtis
  8. A Les Paul has 4 knobs al together, 2 volume, 2 tone, the first volume and tone are used with the switch in the Treble poistion, the second volume and tone are used in the Rhythm postion Hope that helps Curtis
  9. I can host it if someone emails it to me, XcplumtonX@hotmail.com (take out the 2 x's, i only put them in so not to get spammed) Curtis
  10. that was a pretty degrading post ^^^^ I am having lots of trouble voting, I thought for sure it was going to be the V, or the Impaler, but i think i will haave to think about it for a few hours.... Curtis
  11. i had to vote godins, that guitar makes me drool everytime i see it Curtis
  12. I have heard that as well, but, what exactly would you say is 25%?? Curtis EDIT!!!! Hers how to tell what to make 25% of a guitar LOL Curtis
  13. ok, heres a question Lets say, for example the ibanez jem STYLE guitar i am building (TOM bridge, 3x3 head, its not a copy really) got stolen, and was sold on, say ebay for 500 bucks because it was a rare only 5 built orignal jem, since i have my name inscribed in the control cavity, could they come back on me?? for producing a copy and trying to pass it off as rare jem? Curtis Edit, i read that and it sounds weird, what i really mean is when my Jem copy is complete, and say i did, god forbid sell it, i put it in the newspaper and listed it as "Hand made Jem Style guitar, 3x3 headstock, tune o matic bridge, seymour duncan pickups, etc... etc... and someone bought it, just to scam someone, like sell it on ebay, since my name is on it, can they come back (ibanez) and charge me for fraud?? or producing a fake?? Curtis
  14. I have been an RR fan for a looooooooooong time, and right now i am listning to Mr. Crowley, so, who else can i vote for?? Perry, amazing work on that V, it got my vote Curtis
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