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  1. Damn you, toddler, if you had just left the laminates on top.... It had to be the cocobolo one-piece for me. I have a soft spot for natural woods, and when I saw that one, that was all she wrote. This was likely the hardest month I've ever witnessed; everyone did a fantastic job, and truly wish I could've voted for all of ya.
  2. I think you all know where my vote went.... Best of luck to whomever takes this thing; I'd love to own any guitar here.
  3. Presenting the Desert Pixie! This bass is my second creation; the first I made with the help of my dad, but this one was all mine. First, some specs: Swamp Ash body (Thanks to Guitarfrenzy for the stellar blank) with matching wood cavity cover 1/4" Flame maple cap Birdseye on Birdseye Warmoth P-Bass Neck with Stainless Steel Jumbo frets (plays -way- smooth!) 2 G&L MFD Bass Humbuckers Gotoh GB-7 Tuners No-name bridge (from Guitarfetish, I think, on eBay) DR Black Beauty strings, gauge 45-105 The whole thing was finished with automotive polyurethane by a local body shop. Controls: V-V-T, with a 1 meg tone pot and 500k volume pots North/Both/South coil selector for each pickup (the black switches) Momentary kill switch (the silver one) Tonally, this bass is relatively versatile; it sounds good for most applications, with the exception of really clean hi-fi stuff (a la EMGs), but sounds exceptional for funk slap and metal applications. It's got a big, chunky sound that's bright but not overly piercing, and cuts through the mix quite well. I don't have sound clips for lack of a suitable recording device, but if I can scrounge something up by the end of the month (and find a place to host it) I'll get the links on this entry. So, I guess there's nothing left but to show you the pictures. These were taken with a Canon Powershot SD300, 4.0 megapixel camera. The full front: The front of the body: The back--the matching control cover was not cut from the same piece of wood, but from a cutoff, and yet the grain matches surprisingly well: Here's a photo of the Desert Pixie with its big sister, the Forest Pixie (my first build): Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please address them to my build thread, found here.
  4. This was a good month, simply for the wide range of options and skill levels. In the end, though, WezV's took it for me. I love that shape and I've never seen anything else like it, and that blue finish is just killer ! Congrats to everyone who entered, and best luck.
  5. It was all about the bass for me this month. It's hard to combine exotic woods nicely; often it looks like a pile of random woods thrown together, or it ends up becoming a psychedelic fun-fest of colorful woods from all over the world. This bass walked the line rather nicely-- it's colorful, but tasteful; exotic but still classy. I especially like the bubinga top and back; that clinched it for me. On another note, Jehle's Boxcaster deserves an honorary mention of some sort; it's just too cool to pass over!
  6. I've discovered, in trying to design nice guitars, that no matter how many nice elements you have together on your guitar, it's not going to make it a pretty guitar. For that reason, I think a lot of guitars you see on hear are too complicated, or too busy, and although all the elements are nice, they just don't come together to form a classy guitar. The Surfcaster is the first guitar I've seen around here in a long, long time that truly blew me away. It's understated, and yet every little nuance fits perfectly with everything else. The color scheme is both retro and original, and combining the surf styling with the Tele shape is a perfect match. That thing just blows me away Congrats to everyone, though, for building a guitar. Just getting far enough to enter your guitar in GOTM is an accomplishment in and of itself.
  7. Had to give it to MzI this month. I nearly overlooked it because the entry had no pics (only links), but I'm glad I decided to go back and review more closely. The purpleheart is just stunning, and the lighter wood sets it off very well. All the entries this month are very well done, so congrats to everyone just for building (and subsequently owning and playing) such kickass guitars!
  8. Had to go with the bass. He took an odd concept and ran with it, and ended up with a classy instrument that looks good and is still unique in many ways. It's hard to do that well, so it gets my vote.
  9. Toddler, I'm so sorry, but I just can't vote for a guitar that doesn't show the neck laminates on top. Actually, Metal Matt gets my vote. The guitar is an excellent blend of cool exotic woods and crazy mega awesome metalness. The execution is also dang near perfect. Great job, all of you guys!
  10. I've said it before, and I'll say it again-- Godin's guitar is frickin' AMAZING. And yes, I voted for it.
  11. Godin, your guitar is "da bomb". All bad slang aside, it really is very cool. Excellent materials, and impeccable execution. The sapwood in that fretboard looks beyond cool; I might just steal that idea! Good job to all entries. Maybe someday my guitars could live up to these. :D
  12. Uh... Alembic! $20K for a custom bass is quite a pretty pricetag.
  13. I usually don't like SG's--I'll just start with that-- and especially red ones, as they tend to be way too plentiful. So it was kind of odd when I found myself casting a vote for a red SG. I think it was the finish-- something about it looked so... liquid is the best word I can think of at the time. It just all flows so well. All of the entries are worthy of winning; this is gonna be a tough month!
  14. I had to go with Fatboy. Drak, the Bird is gorgeous, but isn't it time someone else started winning? And bassman, as gorgeous as that thing is, I've never been a fan of acoustic bridges. I think I had to go with Fatboy just because of the attention to detail, and wonderful vintage style and color, despite the glaring lack of a Bigsby!
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