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  1. I suppose I mayswell wack in my latest guitar; DMG002E - long scale singlecut 27" scale Mahogany neck through and wings Walnut top p90 neck pickup Graphtech ghost saddles/preamp Also check out Russell Malone playing this guitar at the 2008 Jazz on a Winter's weekend festival
  2. Thought I mayswell have a go, though the competition seems fierce! This is my latest acoustic: DMG003. Specifications are as follows... Overview: Steel-strung seven-string acoustic guitar Body Shape: Martin 000, self-designed florentine cutaway Construction: Dowelled tenon Top bracing: Off-centre X, my own design Back bracing: Double-X Back & Sides: Highly flamed European walnut Top: European Spruce Neck: Seven-piece laminate of rosewood, maple, ebony and flamed sycamore with twisted headstock. Fretboard: Ebony Bridge: Ebony End graft: Brazilian rosewood Body binding: Brazilian rosewood Rosette: Brazilian rosewood spiral Fretboard markers: Brazilian rosewood side blocks with maple binding Scale length 736.6mm (29″) - bass side. 647.7mm (25.5″) - treble side. Nut width: 55mm Neck width at 12th fret: 63mm Fretboard radius: 16″ For more photos of this and my other guitars please visit www.darkmatterguitars.com
  3. Do the acoustic course man! They're ace instruments to make, and once you can do an acoustic an electric's pretty easy
  4. My first thoughts when I saw it too. That could work well. Could even be worth placing a thin contrasting veneer on first - make a feature of the contour lines.
  5. Don't know if I'm too late, but here goes nothing... DMG002 000-sized baritone acoustic guitar 29" scale length 10mm thicker body than standard 000 tuned B-B or A-A Select Sitka Spruce top Highly flamed Oregon Myrtle (Pepperwood) back and sides Straight-grained 80-year-old Indian Rosewood neck A-Grade Ebony fingerboard Buffalo ivory nut and saddle And here's a little soundclip... http://www.solar.myby.co.uk/darkmatter/baritonedemo.mp3
  6. Looking at the competition, there's probably not much point - but still.... This is my first from scratch instrument, and I'm totally happy with the way it's turned out Indian rosewood back and sides Spruce top Mahogany neck Indian rose headstock vineer Ebony bridge Indian rose board Bone nut
  7. Looks like a nice little board that - it's a hell of alot smaller than the fernandes ones!
  8. Im always impressed by your posts and your progress PSW, I cant wait to get myself one of these things
  9. Is there any way you could do some soundclips? I wanna hear that thing in action
  10. Anyone know the distance between the mounting post line and the centre of the intonation adjustment line?
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