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  1. Here are some updated pics! Mikro, I have used literally every type of pickup in the last year!
  2. haha, thanks! I was going for a harpoon for the headstock, but that works too! Here is a design i stole from the internet. Also a re-sprayed Lizardburst SS. And a black cherry ss.
  3. So here is an update. I put in my 2 weeks at my current job, and will go back to full time building! It was a hard decision, but i know it was the right one. Here are a few celebratory pics!
  4. Thanks guys! Here are a few more pics from the past 2 days.
  5. Been trying to take more in progress pics. I have so much wood and so many bodies, i can make close to 20 guitars.
  6. Thanks guys! Ive spent more time building in the past few weeks than i have all year combined. I also have some things planned for the fall that will hopefully boost my building time.
  7. Got the lizardburst EXP 99% done. Quite pleased with it.
  8. Thanks guys! Im quite pleased with how these have been coming along. And yes, it is sprayed and not dyed... But hey, it looks great to me!
  9. Greetings again! Found some time to get around to a few builds. The first one i sold as a project. Which i am now regretting, becasue it has the coolest piece of maple ive ever used. But needed to move some stock due to financial purposes.
  10. Thats a great looking shape! Did you use a template or did you draw it out freehand and cut it out?
  11. Yo Scottie! Ive been dying ot go fishing. I havnt gone in almost 7 months, and that is probably the longest ive gone in the past 10 years. Its pure torture! I dont have any free days right now and its killing me.
  12. Just thought i would check in. LIfe has been super busy still. I have experienced a lot of emotionally taxing things the past 6 months. I really havent felt like building. All of these projects are still sitting in my garage. Hope you are all doing well!
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