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  1. Thanks scotty! Ive been really trying to create a new level, especially on finish types. Every build i feel like im still dialing in the perfect methods. Here are some better pics of the red one, before wet sanding and buffing. Also a walnut EXP, same thing, pre buffing
  2. trying to work through this craziness thats been happening! This red one is really hard to photograph. This thing literally glows in person! It has 3 different tints of red and orange on it. I also did my first stainless steel fretting in about 10 years. Not as much of a pain as i remember, but still a pain.
  3. been working on other things, as well as not feeling like working on guitars as much. Still been trying to make it happen though.
  4. Thanks! I post there every now and then. Seems like that crowd is more interested in BC rich guitars. Thanks Scotty! Yup, that is PME. Super expensive but i do like working with it.
  5. Haha, i ca nt not see that now that you mentioned it. Finally got this one finished up. The buyer is going to install hardware himself.
  6. I never would have thought of having the magnets between the wood. Genius!
  7. Been doing mostly finish work lately. Cant wait to get back to the woodworking side of things ! Made this guitar 7 years ago. It was initially green. The buyer sent it back to me last week to be repainted purple. Great to see this one held up amazing and is in excellent condition! I cleaned it up and sprayed it with house of kolor purple mixed with voodoo violet.
  8. worth a shot to try those things! The body is a relatively medium weight piece of african mahogany.
  9. I guess that is a possibility, but this is a 5 piece Walnut, purpleheart and maple neck. Should be more than stiff enough to prevent that?
  10. I thought about it being the break angle behind the bridge. Its a string through, tune o matic. The distance and break angle behind the bridge is identical to the ones ive made in the past 5 years. I can test it the way you mentioned though to see if for some reason that is the cause of this one.
  11. I have checked all those things multiple times. Re leveled frets, neck is straight. Tried a number of different action heights. It was definitely a little better with the heavier gauge, but still not playable. the vibration and resonation overpowers the clarity of a fretted note. Ive only tried it in standard tuning.
  12. Haha, its not hard to see when its basically flopping around
  13. I tried a normal 46 and it was worse, which is why i tried a heavier gauge to see if more tension helped.
  14. It feels pretty good as a neck wood. Caves nicely. Feels a little soft, but held up just fine for the 7 string.
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