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  1. KEA 2017 builds

    Got the body made and the neck pocket routed on the 7. Loving this tamo ash. its really hard to bookmatch, since the grain is so erratic. I plan on doing an orange with red burst on this one.
  2. KEA 2017 builds

    Been working quite a bit on a lot of projects lately. Made a good run and got 3 necks finished up.
  3. KEA 2017 builds

    Here is the granadillo neck ive been working on. This stuff is amazing. Polishes to glass with just 2000 grit.
  4. KEA 2017 builds

    I am hoping a few coats of poly will protect it well enough. Combined with huge fretwire it should last.
  5. KEA 2017 builds

    Here is something ive always wanted to try.
  6. KEA 2017 builds

    The ziricote ss is just about finished being buffed out. I got exceptional clarity on this one. Im quite pleased with how it came out color wise. this one is getting gold hardware and bare knuckle juggernauts.
  7. KEA 2017 builds

    The dragonburst is ready to assemble. I probably wont buy any pickups until i get a buyer. Its coming out even better than i pictured though!
  8. KEA 2017 builds

    Hmm, good to know. I couldnt find much research on it or detaisl on the product. I do need to drain my compressor, now that i think about it! Good to know!
  9. KEA 2017 builds

    That was the main reason i wanted to try it. I had never seen it done before. I cant figure it out to save my life. Ive used a ton of different cleaners on it. I only wet sanded with mineral spirits. Ive tried cleaning the sealer with both acetone and wax and grease remover for automotive use. Still havnt found a solution. I ordered some crater and fisheye eliminator additive, so hopefully that will help.
  10. KEA 2017 builds

    It must be cursed wood since before it was planted. It came out pretty well after that. Got a few fisheyes that need to be filled.
  11. KEA 2017 builds

    Aint that the truth! I ended up spraying a couple coats of 2k clear on it, then using the UV sealer on top of that. It seemed to work well. I dont know why the sealer wouldnt stick to the ziricote smoothly.
  12. KEA 2017 builds

    Ha, funny you say that. There are always unresolveable issues when i do finish work. The green one came out perfect first try somehow. Been working on the ziricote every day for the past 2 weeks and cant get it to come out right to save my life. Did about 7 different applications of sealer and had to sand it back down after multiple failures. Resorted to just spraying clear on it and sanding it back. Which i know doesnt work because ive tried that for the past 12 years.
  13. KEA 2017 builds

    Yup, ive been using those exclusively since about 2012. Great tuners. I changed the plans on the 7 string i posted. Had planned on the redwood burl, but found some better tamo ash that will be even better for it.
  14. KEA 2017 builds

    It seems like it removes a lot more compared to the previous design. Im already using the open back hipshots, and putting the strap button in the best possible place on an explorer. I didnt have many other options.
  15. KEA 2017 builds

    Here is a new 7 string headstock design i came up with a while back. My previous design looked better, but it was too neck heavy. Had to get rid of some weight .