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  1. Here is one other project i didnt really plan on. My local wood store got in some 8/4 zebrawood, and i had always wanted to do a zebrawood carved top.
  2. Thanks man! It feels good to get some work done. The full blown desire to build still isnt there, but it felt really good to get some work done. Scott, I love the look of ziricote! I used wenge for the fretboard unfortunately.
  3. I havnt done much guitar works for months. After a lot of personal life stuff that really got me down, i finally got a little motivation to finish up a few projects i have here.
  4. Great looking stuff man. Almost makes me want to start a bunch of new builds!
  5. Thanks man! Fortunatley there was almost no waste. The way the veneer was cut happened to work perfectly with this shape. I knew what i was doing with it before i even bought it! I plan to do a green to blue burst on it. It kind of looks like scales, so hopefully it will look dragon like.
  6. Still havnt done much work lately. Funny how other areas of your life affect your passions. Finally got around to working on this one.
  7. Indeed she is, indeed she is.
  8. Havent done much work lately. Buffed the green and the purple EXP. I also got the punisher EXP shipped to its new home in california..
  9. A couple of update pics. Man, these kind of colors are really hard to photograph. The purple especially. I cant get a straight on shot of it.
  10. Not always. Up until this point about half and half. But from this point on, im going to stick to tinted clears. They offer much more uniform color. Zebrawood really doesnt take stain evenly and the lighter parts almost completely resist it.
  11. I use a small spray gun for the burst, a full sized one for the color and clear. I actually need to get a new one. Its about 8 years old .
  12. The sealer is polyester and meant to stick a little better, which i assume will help. Scott, i did burst it, i just didnt take a pic of the headstock after i did a black burst. I'll take some more pictures today.
  13. Progress has been slow, but its finally warming up here. I was able to get this sealed and the color sprayed, plus black burst. I think i finally found a sealer that works.