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  1. Thanks! I use 5 Start 2 part auto urethane. It sprays super smooth and dries hard.
  2. Heres a better representation of the actual colors.
  3. Haha, Definitely dont re do things just on account of how i do them! This one for the life of me wont show up correct on camera. I'll have to try some different lighting.
  4. I dont know if its a secret, but i'll share how i do it. I mix my alcohol dyes with acetone instead of alcohol. I saturate the top with the color, let it dry a few minutes, then sand it off. Second application is just as saturated. But after it starts to dry, i take a new cloth, apply acetone to it, and wipe acetone across the grain. It removes the color from most of the less deep grain, and gives you a clean white line on the quilt.
  5. Thanks guys! Ever since going back full time at it, ive been trying to step up my game! Here are some more teasers.
  6. Thanks guys, it means a lot! Scotty! For that first explorer, i did a wash of a medium brown, twice. It already had some amazing figure, but it helped the darker parts of the quilt really pop. Mike, It was actually something ive been trying that is a little different. Well, kind of. Instead of using a black or straight green stain for the quilt popping part, i did more of a dark, aqua/ bluegreen stain, then sanded back. The dark blue really makes it have a depth and different color once the tinted green is applied over it. Here are some better pics of the first one.
  7. I hope everybody had an amazing thanksgiving! Here are a few pics of what ive been up to.
  8. Here are some updated pics! Mikro, I have used literally every type of pickup in the last year!
  9. haha, thanks! I was going for a harpoon for the headstock, but that works too! Here is a design i stole from the internet. Also a re-sprayed Lizardburst SS. And a black cherry ss.
  10. So here is an update. I put in my 2 weeks at my current job, and will go back to full time building! It was a hard decision, but i know it was the right one. Here are a few celebratory pics!
  11. Thanks guys! Here are a few more pics from the past 2 days.
  12. Been trying to take more in progress pics. I have so much wood and so many bodies, i can make close to 20 guitars.
  13. Thanks guys! Ive spent more time building in the past few weeks than i have all year combined. I also have some things planned for the fall that will hopefully boost my building time.
  14. Got the lizardburst EXP 99% done. Quite pleased with it.
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