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  1. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    I finally got a better picture of the bubinga EXP. Also got the spalted SS routed.
  2. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    Thanks man. it turned out well, i would have rather done it a different color though. Ive been pretty busy lately. Ive still been working on a lot of guitar stuff, but i have been working myself to death. I havent given myself a free day in over 2 months. It might be time to take an actual weekend.
  3. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    That is the one that ended up red. I thought i had posted some pics of it.
  4. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    Just a sneak peek. A huge thanks and shoutout to Doug at Parable guitars!
  5. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    Thanks man! Which Tamo ash guitar?
  6. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    A few pics from today. Drilling the tuner holes, drilling for fretboard alignment pins and gluing the fretboard on. Ziricote 26.5" scale fretboard. This will go on the 7 string quilted body i posted last week.
  7. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    Yup, thats all it is. Just veneer glued to EMGs.
  8. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    A few pics from today
  9. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    Took the tape off, scraped and sanded the sides clean. IT always makes a huge difference at this point.
  10. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    I wish! spalted maple.
  11. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    I do use the acetone initially. I buy it in gallons so its easier to just use that instead of using alcohol. To me it seems to cut the dye better. Here is a pic of what i got done today.
  12. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    So my process for that finish isnt really anything spectacular. I start by doing a dark wash coat of dye on the quilt. I dont use straight black. I use a super dark shade of the color its going to be. In this case, it was almost a midnight blue/ purple dye coat. I let it dry and sanded it back. Then i did an even more concentrated dye. But here is the small difference. I mix my alcohol dyes with acetone instead of alcohol. So after the second application, i get a clean cloth and soak it in acetone. I use the clean cloth with acetone and wipe down the dye. This evens it out and you can control how much you take off, instead of having to sand it. This has always helped me get a really even wash coat. Then after that i sealed it with UV sealer. Sanded to 800. Then I apply my kandy color. This is "Deep Purple" by Kustom shop. I sprayed one even coat across the whole thing, which is what you see in the middle. I let dry for about a minute. Then, with the same gun, i added the burst with the exact same color. I know it looks like an entirely different color, but these kandy colors are so concentrated, it really changes the color with every coat. Nothing fancy. The pic i posted actually doesnt even have clear coat on it yet.
  13. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    I'll type it up soon! But yes, it actually is the same exact color, just an extra 2 coats on the burst. The center is just 1 coat.
  14. killemall8

    KEA 2017 builds

    Just a sneak peek of what i did today. I should have taken pics but i was on a mission.
  15. killemall8

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    That is what i did with this one.