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  1. D was a no brainer for me when I decided to get equiped as its also the cheapest option if you have the power saw. I got the bore of the stewmac blade recut to 30mm to fit my sliding mitre saw and made a little indexing table to clamp on it.
  2. Demonx, I checked out your site and saw you're in VIC, if it helps, for tax purposes you need to earn more than 20k a year from your hobby to have to declare and register your business name (sole trader). Mine's been registered for several years and i'm being told I should be better off getting rid of it as I make just under that from it. @Restoration AD I fit exactly 5 of your 6 points, I don't have any children so... Its good to see i'm not the only one in this situation. i love building guitars as a hobby but the business and stress side of it are often way too much, the old romantic idea of being a full time luthier doing your craft which I had when I started building 8 years ago is now completely gone, I much prefer my day job to the daily stress of building and answering countless emails of customers regarding every tiny little aspects of the build. I still love it as a hobby though but rarely get the time to do a bass for me, as a matter of fact, I don't even own one of my instruments expect for the two first ones (unsellable). I need a break for some quality me time with my tools
  3. When you're doing it full time I consider myself a pro builder but I still call it a hobby business because it is, even though I built 8 instruments from scratch per year for three years in a row, I get the full stress of a full time job away from my regular day job, all in my spare time... It'll always stay a hobby business for me, I'd have to pump out over 60 basses per year to make the kind of profit required to replace the day job. No way in hell I'd want to do that many, its way too stressful lol
  4. That looks like the one, thanks for the link. Too bad the pics are missing though.
  5. I think I remember seeing a tutorial or a build thread somewhere on PG a few years back on installing LEDs in a fingerboard. I can't find the damn thing with the search function. Anyone knows where it is by any chance?
  6. I'm sure it's the same one. It probably comes from the same factory in China or Taiwan. All the brands I mentioned in my post up there are all the same thicknesser rebadged under different names. I want to know if some are made to better specs than other models basically.
  7. Did you get the GMC one at bunnings? How much was it, about $300? I've been looking at the Carbatec, Hafco and JET ones for a while and can't decide whether to go for the 12 1/2" ones around $300 or the 13" ones for $600-700. The 13" ones look better than the small ones but really, I have no idea how much of a difference they are. There's so many tools I have to buy and so little money
  8. Speaking of which, if you already watched the video I posted of the 9 on the "in progress" thread, the guy playing it is just a local bass player who had never played more than a 6 string bass before. He had no problem adjusting to the 9 strings with just a few minutes of playing around with it.
  9. It's been a long time since I posted pics on the GOTM page. Here's my latest. A 9 string bass. It was built to order for a customer; Specs: Maple, Purpleheat and Wenge neck Mac Ebony fingerboard, lined fretless with Ash veneer Figured Myrtle headstock plate and top wood Swamp Ash body, Wenge accent layer Bartolini 3-band preamp 2 humbucking pickups built by me Hipshot Ultralite tuners Individual bridges
  10. Is that the same 100 you got through our group buy two years ago?
  11. These are the X1,X2,x3 mills made in China and available everywhere in the world with a different paint job :lol I've wanted one for building hipshot type bass bridges. Do you think they would be up to the task Setch?
  12. Instead of searching where to find templates you might want to search on HOW to make templates. I'm sure there's a few threads on the subject. Get yourself CorelDraw, Illustrator or CAD software and learn to do it yourself.
  13. Superb bass Erik, you got my vote ...but I think you already knew that
  14. Where did you stuff in my bass Eric? I'm Canadian but I built it in the Netherlands and I now live in Australia?
  15. Thanks Dave, I also look forward to doing more of my work ...but i'm broke right now. This ain't the cheapest hobby...
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