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  1. KeithHowell

    Am I causing my amp to hum?

    @Scott: I strongly suggest you get your earthing checked on your house. Bad earth dangerous! I can tell you a few horror stories about bad earthing and the damage it can cause.
  2. KeithHowell

    Am I causing my amp to hum?

    Sounds to me like you could have a earthing problem on your mains installation. Does this only happen at one venue or everywhere? With different amplifiers or always the same one?
  3. KeithHowell

    Drying your own wood

    The OP said DRYING not Dyeing
  4. KeithHowell

    Compound radius sanding blocks

    Cant see that working either! Unless it is attached to a random orbital sander which will keep the block relatively stationary with respect to the fretboard. Scrubbing back and forward is going to always round the board to the lowest radius in contact over the area it is in contact with
  5. KeithHowell

    Help wiring Aguilar OBP3 preamp

    If the OPB3 is specifying a 50k pot for volume that's what you should use. Without a circuit diagram of the OPB3 preamp its not possible to say if a 250k will make a difference or not BUT the 50k is probably an integral part of the preamp circuit and will most likely give you all sorts of unknowns if you change it to a 5 times higher impedance.
  6. KeithHowell

    Wood Selection (or usage)

    I don't think that is a bad idea at all. Sandwich the maple between two pieces of stable mahogany then resaw down the middle of the maple.
  7. KeithHowell

    10w Amp wiring help - Desperate!!

    The wire is either a centre tap for the secondary of the transformer or a voltage tap for a different voltage output. Very difficult to say without a circuit diagram. If its a centre tap it would be connected to ground. However if you don't understand mains wiring take it to someone who does. Messing with mains side of amplifiers can KILL you if you don't know what you are doing!!!!!!!
  8. KeithHowell

    Fretting Saw

    I had my own blade made up to fit my radial arm saw. I went to my tool sharpeners who took a thin blade they had lying around about to be thrown out and ground it to the kerf width of the stewmac blade. It cost me about $10! It helps having a long standing relationship with them I suppose (and my father before me).
  9. I would still go with making a template. Making a mistake on a piece of MDF is easily rectified. Making a mistake on your precious piece of wood is another thing. You don't have to use a router but can use the template with a sanding drum provided you have or can rig up a suitable follower.
  10. KeithHowell

    Help with wiring

    It is most likely a mistake in your wiring. Without knowing the specifications of the switch you are using it is very difficult to know if the diagram and the switch illustrated correspond. Having said that these pictorial diagrams, I find, are almost impossible to trouble shoot with. Far better is a proper schematic of the circuit.
  11. KeithHowell

    Wilkinson Zebra pickup wire colours

    Don't solder on to the back of potentiometers! It is asking for trouble! Chances are you will overheat and damage the pot or get a cold dry joint or both! Some pots have a solder tag connected to the case for this purpose. If you cant find these buy some solder tags which fit over the shaft of the pot and bolt up against the body of the pot. I don't know where this solder on the back of the pot came from. It is BAD practice. If we had of done this in our electronics training practicals we would have been failed outright! It probably came from some notorious penny pincher trying to save a few cents!
  12. KeithHowell

    Veneers without the tears!

    Have you tried this on an Archtop/Carved top? I'm busy restoring an ES330 no name brand archtop style guitar which needs a re-veneering all round (Top,back and sides) Any Advice?
  13. I've never done a whole fret board but I have filled a few slots where in a moment of inattention a slot got cut in the wrong place. I found that using rosewood veneer and cutting slices with the grain vertical NOT across the board (ie cut your strips off the end of the veneer) ,gluing in with CA then sanding while the glue was still liquid and working the dust into the cracks made a close to invisible repair. Running the veneer with the grain running across the board shows discontinuity in the grain of the fret board. However in your case I presume you are going to re cut with the identical scale length so most of the veneer will be cut out again and the fret itself will cover the cut so you could use any wood really but matching the wood species would probably be better.
  14. KeithHowell

    Partially Filling Tremolo Block Routing

    Chooch Really? The only definition I could find means "idiot" "fool" "Stupid person" and the verb would mean to do something stupid!