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  1. This is my Flying V Supreme. It is my 4th guitar project and likely my last for a while. This one has a fast thin feeling neck that just plays great. The specs are: One piece flamed maple neck Mahogany body Quilt Maple Top and Headstock Laminate Flamed maple back and cavity cover Ebony Fingerboard Gold Pearl dot inlays and matching truss rod cover Unbleached bone nut Abalone side dots Gold fretwire - 6105 Abalone Pearl "W" Headstock inlay Overwound Golden Age Pickups 1 vol, 1 Tone, 3 way switch Recessed output jack placed near the straplock Gotoh Bridge String thru Ping Tuners Full binding on neck, headstock and body - front and back Charcoal finish (black dye) Nitrocelluse Lacquer A couple of more pictures: Back Body Back Neck Full Shot 2 Full Shot 3 Full Shot 4 Full Shot 5 Body Link to build thread: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...t=0&start=0
  2. I really like all of the entires this month, all top notch looking stuff. I am just proud that I can build something that can stand beside these guitars and actually get a few votes. But I gotta comment on the ESPERANZA too. I mean a 1 piece hollow body - that is really something - I mean hollowing it out through the F-holes. I really like the idea, the inlay and the shape - especially the reccessing of the tailpiece and ferrules, nice touch.
  3. Here is my entry into the guitar of the month for December. This is the second guitar that I have completed, I call it "The Lure". It is an original design, although I am sure it resembles many other guitars out there. Body - 1-piece mahogany, carved flame maple top Neck - 1-piece mahogany, flamed maple headstock laminate Pearl/Abalone "W" inlay on headstock Pearl truss rod cover Ebony Fretboard - offset mini pearl dot fret-markers Jumbo Fretwire Golden Age Overwound Pickups Gold Hardware 1-vol, 1-tone, 3way switch Nitrocellulose triburst finish Flamed Maple, bound control cavity cover finished to match the top (not sure if I am crazy about this after putting it all together) Another shot of the front - no flash Cut aways Body shot
  4. Oh, I should add that at $90 it is a tad expensive. I have since been buying kiln dried/aged rough sawn 2"x15"x22" mahogany at the local lumber yard for about $40. It is a little nicer to look at than the primavera and a lot cheaper. Check at your local lumber yard.
  5. I used primavera for my first guitar build and have since worked with mahogany. I found it very easy to work with, sand, etc, - similar to mahogany. It is much lighter than mahogany in color. The guitar I built ended up sounding great with lots of sustain, but that is probably more attributed to the total package/design than just the body wood.
  6. I melt the Stewmac ABS plastic binding in acetone and use it for binding glue - if that is what you are using it for. I use small bits of scrap, cut up in about 1/8" inch pieces. I usually save any shavings from scraping and throw that in too. I put in a small glass jar with some acetone, and stir it often (every 20 minutes or so) and I find that it is usually ready to use in about 3 hours. I try to get it about the consistancy of maple syrup, thick enough that it doesn't run too bad. I use a small paint brush, paint it into the binding channel, and press the binding in place and tape it with masking tape. Leave it for about 12 hours.
  7. I would like to enter the guitar of the Month contest. This is my first homebuilt guitar. It is an original design - which is the result of my interpretation of a cross between a strat and a les paul. The Neck is a Maple/Oak/Maple Laminate, ebony fingerboard, Primavera body, maple top. Top is dyed with analine dye, back was sprayed with Mohawk dark red mahogany toner aerosol, then clearcoated with Mohawk nitro areosol, wetsanded and buffed. The pickups are overwound Golden Age humbuckers from Stewart Macdonald. Gotoh Bridge, Ping tuners. Gold fretwire. For more information on the build, check out my website (the Guitar Build Link) at http://personal.nbnet.nb.ca/awilcox/ Building this guitar was a learning experience for me, and I used this website as a source for learning every step of the way. Now, hopefully I will be able to contribute back with some of the things I learned along the way. Thanks Andrew Wilcox
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