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  1. I agree with jessejames, I think it looks really good as is. I think the dragon's too busy on an otherwise clean and tidy looking guitar. Maybe if the inlay on the body kind of mirrored the inlays you had on the neck it might look cool. Its not my guitar though. Always like your builds, very nice.
  2. Nice, very clean work. What is the back wood? Some kind of cherry? looks really good.
  3. Looks like you can get a free sample on the timbermate site - http://www.timbermate.com/sample_order
  4. Whats the reasoning behind the glue layer?
  5. Nice job. How do you like the sperzel copy tuners? I'm guessing their like the ones you can get on GFS or Ebay?
  6. Hey I may have missed this in the thread but where did you go to get those templates laser cut? Looks great so far by the way.
  7. Yeah I have both the stewmac 3/8" diameter bit and the top bearing 1" bit. Like batfink said, they're both really handy. The stewmac one is best for, as he said, shallower cavities and stuff.
  8. I have what I guess is a type of round-over bit, sorry I dont know the proper name. This is a bit where the bearing on the bottom is smaller than the cutting edge above it. I was wondering if there is a safe way of enlarging the bearing so I could use it as a regular round-over bit. I seem to remember hearing some people using tape to make bearings bigger. Would that work? Thanks
  9. If you decide to build your own body here is a blueprint: http://static.keebali.com/jemsite.com/jem/...7_blueprint.jpg I started to make a template out of this.
  10. I think your fine putting the logo on the Squire as long as your not making a business out of it and cranking out fake Fenders to customers. If your just doing this for your personal preference then its fine. And if you decide to sell it down the road, just let the person know its history. PS. I didnt even know Squire made 7's. Cool. $132 isnt shabby either.
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