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  1. Poking in

    Well, good luck! I'm finally picking up production as well. I've started with a good dust extraction and filter system. Next, I'm adding a few outlets on a couple of the shop (garage) walls on their own circuit breakers. Now, I'm just trying to keep up with replacing my cheap tools as they break with good stuff. I've scoured the inet and found a few good places that sell StewMac quality (sometimes the same tool minus the StewMac logo) tools and I've slowly been checking things off my Amazon "Wood shop" list. I've done my best to really plan out all the processes and what I've learned that works best for me, what tools are needed, and design my shop around that workflow while being cognisant of safety. So, dust collection and extraction, safe fume extraction, respirators, goggles, hearing protection, etc. All while sticking to a realistic budget in the hopes that I can eventually turn a profit but not break the bank if I don't. Anyways, good luck and good to have you around again even if the Slam thread is now gone, lol (I think some of my best slams may have even been directed at you, haha (all in good fun, of course). Good times!
  2. Poking in

    Ahh, now I remember. You had the Grimmace avatar. Welcome back!
  3. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    My 300 gallon Softub is expensive enough to fill even here in Seattle where it rains all the time. I can only imagine a pool.
  4. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Another half marathon this morning. That was the toughest one yet. 35* in the wind and rain. I fingers went numb with cold and my muscles just wouldn't warm up. My ass is thoroughly kicked.
  5. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I've thought about replacing my PlayStation 3 but I'd camp in front of it and not get anything done for weeks or more. Guitar is bad enough, heh. I have the same issue with all of my builds except for this one, Wes but not surprising considering I don't build enough to get very good at it. I finally have a new number one now, though. I got the neck shape and fret work exactly how I like it and I've been inspired to play more. I play through the G5 into headphones in the am so I don't wake the wife and kid but it isn't nearly as satisfying as going through the amp. I had to make 3 copies of my favorite patches and tweak them to sound right through an amp, headphones or direct recording and then rename them accordingly. I have really enjoyed tweaking guitar patches and, even more, synth plugins to get some useable tones for recording or jamming. I have hours and hours of work creating my own synth patches. I back them up but I'd freak out if I ever lost them. I got a better pic during this morning's coffee jam;
  6. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    This looks interesting but I hope it can be setup for at least a little bit of pull up. http://www.guitarworld.com/floyd-rose-releases-rail-tail-non-locking-tremolo/25998
  7. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I've been playing the hell out of my rig lately. I had to take a quarter off from school to take care of pressing business but I still have time to crank the amp when the kid is in school. My latest build through a Zoom G5 and Fender Blues DeVille 2x12. The zoom is very good as an effects pedal and decent at amp/ cab simulation. Most of the presets were too far out there to sound musical to me but it's very easy to tweak how I want. I just turn off the cab simulator and use my external wah (it sounds much better than the zoom's wah setting). As far as the guitar goes, it plays beautifully but I want to refinish it. Maybe, honey or red burst but I do too many reds and sun bursts as it is. Poor phone camera pic in crap lighting but you get the idea. This isn't about strat tone so it's not you're do it all guitar but it does exactly what I wanted it to do. Dimarzio virtual PAFs from Brian, volume and push/ pull tone pot for coil splitting, Spertzel locking tuners, Hipshot Babygrand bridge, 3 way switch.
  8. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Officially a half fanatic to be exact. Which gets me a good discount on running gear and apparel. My wife's firm was the main sponsor and they wanted a team to represent them. I went very slow for co-workers to keep up. No one whined and all seemed to enjoy it. I am eating a big bowl of Breyers thin mint ice cream without shame. I burned a lot of calories today. Probably more toy shopping with my kid than during the run.
  9. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Not sure why I have decided to run a half marathon in a couple of hours in this cold. I'm really loving playing my latest build. I'm far too lazy to upload pics since I'm on an iPad at the moment but maybe I'll do it later.
  10. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    http://thechive.com/2015/12/03/musicians-absolutely-shred-first-ever-paper-guitar-video/ because they can, I guess
  11. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I am putting together a solution for my Wife's law firm for court. I'm connecting a hotspot, Apple TV, airport express, PA and associated audio equipment and a HD projector so they can wirelessly project images and audio in the courtroom. I customized a travel case already for it but I think maybe I will put the bulk of the equipment and cabling inside a box made from this poached wood. there is a certain irony in knowing this illegally acquired wood is being used to help people receive the money that their insurance companies refuse to pay out.
  12. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I got attacked by yellow jackets while weed whacking my front yard over the summer. I sprayed the nest in the rock wall, went back after 3 days (got busy...ok, my motivation for finishing was much diminished after 12 bee stings) and there was another nest so that 10 ft. section has about 3ft. tall grass. I'm sure it was a comical site for the neighbors as I was swatting at my face and trying to get the harness off myself while trying not to slip and roll down the hill I was on. I was swatting and cussing up a storm. Earlier this year, while attending a guitar exhibition, I found a very nice couple selling figured maple. I talked for quite awhile to them and the owner gave me a good deal on a couple of billets and veneer. I was stoked to find a local supplier. While on FB, another contact of mine posted this article; http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Feds-Music-wood-poachers-targeted-6427888.php#item-38490 I still have the wood and was going to make a present for my wife with some of the wood I got but now I feel it is tainted. What to do, what to do. I think that what's done is done, the Feds are dealing with him but I would not like playing an instrument that I know is made from illegally acquired wood from an area that I've enjoyed hiking through. Maybe I'll make a sweet address post for the front of the house. Find something that is useful but not so connected to something as personal as creating music. I'd hate to toss over $200 in useable, figured maple and waste the trees that were felled because of some greedy little thieves.
  13. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    My G&L needs some TLC. It needs a new nut but I'll go bone, not LSR. I might try a PAF but I'm SOL on guitar projects until I finish some PITA DiY projects around the house...and my acronyms are spent. 4 hours of sleep per night all week so it's all I can do to not walk into walls. I've been making spare cash contracting work with just about every business contact and companies I've worked for over the last 10+ years. Glad I don't burn bridges. I also have made a decent amount of supplemental income buying, repairing and selling synths and accessories for quite a few years but that is getting old. In December, I'm full time butt in seat classes at the university for the next several years. I look forward to a new career that I can invest my time in and get good benefits. In the meantime, sugar momma is kicking ass doing the lawyer thing. We're thinking it'll be time for a move to a warmer, dryer climate when I'm done with school. The in-laws have a condo in Maui where the temp swings up to a whopping 10 degrees between summer and winter. From mid to high 80s down to a frigid, upper 70s. I would get island bound after a few years and I wouldn't retire there but I could enjoy a couple years of it then come back to the mainland in a totally new location. The older I get, the less attached I'm becoming to places and I have a stronger desire to stay fluid and adapt to totally new things so I don't feel stagnated. We even went through our home and through out/ donated a bunch of stuff that just added clutter. I like this sparce living space thing now. Less stressful not having crap we don't need taking up space and making it harder to clean. My yard is next. Chainsaw time!