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  1. Hi there; About a year ago or so I was itching for a new build as I had done 2 previous "experiments" the 2 years before and decided to make a copy of my favorite guitar. A Stratocaster !!! I'm not a vintage gear kind of player but there is just something about the Strat that drives me nuts and I'm sure many here can identify with the feeling :wink: Anyway. So I decided to build me a Pine Wood Strat to test the "tonal Caracteristics" of this often neglected wood and after looking all over and being torn into this or a different tone wood. I came across Mr. Ron Kirn's fantastic web site. The tutorial on making a Spruce strat just made my mind up. So after a year of preparing and getting a few tools here and there along with the required hardware, I present to you; "Anna Lee" BODY; Valsain Pine Wood, a local variety of Pinus Sylvestris .L That comes from a local Forest in the Valsain area of Madrid. Somehow it is famous for the quality of its Pine Trees whatever that might mean. NECK; A GF neck as I have a slab of Tiger striped Maple but lack a couple tools to make the fretting and neck in general, but those will come before the summer and then the neck building will be begin. Pick Ups; GF Vintage Strat Pick ups. Bridge; GF Standard with Bronze block. Tuners; Wilkinson bought in GF. Finish; Shellac sanded to a satin feel and then waxed on with a mix of Bee`s and Carnauba wax. Here is a short sound test I made of the guitar while I get a "real tune" done; Anna Lee Sound Test Thanks for looking and Mr Ron Kirn and many others for the inspiration. Next up? Another build but what woods should I use?
  2. Excelent project and similar to one I have still on hold. PLease keep them pics coming!!!
  3. Cool project. As for the top. I'd go with the third option but that's a personal taste
  4. Hi there. It's been a while since I posted here as my new job takes lots of my time. Anyway. I just re-started my Paulacaster guitar project and I wanted show a friend a video tutorial on how to apply a green burst and shellac finish I once saw in this forum. Somehow I have done all kinds of search with all possible word combinations but just can't find the darned page with the video. All I can remember is that it was a funny guy and that the video was in a sort of wood/carpentry site. Oh and the guy plays mandolin at the end of the video. Any help would be greatly appreciated as It would help me out in showing my friend how to go about finishing his guitar without me actually doing it. I will start posting pics of my build as soon as I get it going. Later,
  5. I'll try a Custom in a future build. Who knows? I might like it better than the JB
  6. Seymour Duncan's JB seems ideal too. It is the epitome of Hot Rodded guitars
  7. I link from my sig but here it is anyway. Kaos Axiom All music still free under Creative Commons. It is mostly electronic old school in the vein of Mr Oldfield/Jarre but I write and arrange with my guitar.
  8. thanks for those. I wanted to use an S styled body for my first project and I was looking around while I came across this post. I will adapt them to a neck-thru and see what comes out. Thanks again
  9. Thanks a lot for the list. I rpinted it and it is up in our office's bulletin board. There is only 4 of us working here, but we have had some form of running nose these past 3 months. Exactly when we started working with American Walnut. It smells like Iodine so that should have told us something Later.
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