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  1. ...Personally I would choose a fretboard wood that meets my requirements over using what is handy. It is just such a small amount of wood and is very important to the performance of your guitar. Look up the list of wood suppliers(Europe) here-Pinned topic. East Indian Rosewood is cheap, significantly harder and stiffer than Walnut and requires no finish. If a wood like EIR suits your needs better it will be work a couple dollars more. There are several Rosewoods that are about twice the price Walnut(given Walnut runs about $7-10bd. ft. and EIR runs about $15-22bd.ft* retail prices).

    There is no Seller in Sweden I know of that sells Rosewood for just double that of Walnut, it costs 5 to 11 times as much!!

    Walnut: ca 2500 Euro/m3 (local dealer),

    Pallisander: 11110 Euro/m3 (Fanerkompaniet AB),

    Eastindian Rosewood: 24300 Euro/m3 (Holm AB)

    So it's not just a couple of dollars more!

    "Just a small amount of Wood..."

    No Wood Dealer in Sweden sells less than a Whole Plank, 2-3 metres.

  2. Doing some Fretted and fretless FRETBOARDS and Want to know what WOODS are recommended.

    I was thinking Walnut, fairly cheap, but WARMOTH didn't recommend it for fingerboards. Why?


    I Do like the Rosewood, but do not know where to get it - or what kind (indian, etc) - for a decent price, as I'm located in Sweden.

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