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  1. Jesus christ havent been on this forum (or any of the other ones im a member of) for ages. Took a big break due to college work loads becoming stupidly high. Good too see all the hard work and enthusiasm is still in you guys. Its all incredible stuff.
  2. Whats happening to your internet connection? The austrailian government aren't taking you away are they due to threats to national security with your crazy devices . Anyway, good stuff psw, keep it up, i'm still watching and reading this thread.
  3. psw, every thought you have is a mile long straight line, you're not thinking in circles. You've inspired so many people throughout this project (myself included) so even if this sustainer of yours implodes tomorrow, you've already had a massive sucess. Everyone throughout this thread has been captivated by you're stories, progress, reports etc, and look, you've now got two guys who want to do something that isn't out there on the market yet. Good luck to those two guys who want to try a bass sustainer and a seven string sustainer, I don't know whether it would be as simple as just adding a bit more to a sustain to account for the 7th string, but i'm sure we'd all be interested in reading your progress with this, as we have been doing with psw's progress. Good luck to you all!!!
  4. Lol, don't mention Wix hehe. He's full of arrogance so you wont get anything out of him even if he spoke all languages in the world fluently. I think his head is three times up his own ass, but thats another story. Nice work psw, can't wait to see what this thing sounds like once the circuit has had a bit of the old LK magic on it. Since there is talk from you now about going onto something else. I still think it would be beneficial to you to finish this project first, but the main point is that I just want to wish you luck with any future projects and hope I can play any kind of part in future projects. It's been a pleasure following this through the development, its been real fun and i would guess i've learned something from it too. Cheers psw for the sustainer and much more!!!!!
  5. ****ING FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done psw, ace sound clips, although I do kind of agree with the criticisms of the distortion. But the very fact that you have it working and producing those sounds means you deserve an incredible round of applause (sustained by the device indefinately ).
  6. Hey, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WELL DONE PSW . LETS CELEBRATE. I can't wait for the sound clips, its all comming together. YAY. I read that post by Mr Coffee and was very pleased with what I read. It's nice to see some skeptecism, i class myself as having a skeptical mind, but I had faith in psw's project. As for Wix. I'm not as patient as our good friend psw here. Despite you having a picture (only i might add) of a sustainer. You're still, in my opinion, an arrogant little twat who tends to contradict himself 9 times out of 10. I agree with psw, if you know all about psw's sustainer, then tell us, come on, let us know. I'd also like to know how YOURS sounds, so come on, exlain your system and psw's system which you know so much about. Your a waste of bloody time.
  7. I agree with you completely psw. And yes, this is fascinating. Good job!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Wow, nice stuff. Well done for getting the op-amp stuff!!! No, i dont think you should throw more complications into the loop by adding two drivers per string. Keep to what was planned, you'll have more success. the circuitry might need to change if you changed the driver. Keep up the good work
  9. Wow, excellent progress psw. By the way, I can wait to see if the thing definately needs to be played using string dampening techniques. It's just that personally, I wouldn't want to use a sustainer that could only work while string dampening. Although I can still guess it sounds awsome, and i'd be tempted. Excellent progress anyway, you are getting there bit by bit. Thats a good thing, you cant expect something like this to materialise overnight. you're making efficient progress and its nice to see a drier that small now, that really is an improvement over anything else on the market. Even if this thing never gets off the ground, you've still acheived such an amazing product that you can feel proud of yourself for the rest of your days. That thing is probably years ahead of anything currently under development. So even though there is no finished working product yet, let me say: CONGRATULATIONS PSW!!!!! Keep up the hard work, it will pay off in the very near future. I can see it on the horizon already
  10. Cool, cheers. Yes they are 1280 x 800 WXGA Widescreen TFT's. The Tiny goes to 1280 x 800 and the ASUS 1400 x 900 I think.
  11. Wow, cool stuff guys. First of all thanks for the responses to my previous post guys. The progress is comming on fast. About the ability to move the knob from behind the bridge when string dampening, I don't think it will be at all possible in a practical situation. A question about that though, is there any way you can get away without dampening the strings while using this sustainer. Because ultimately, that would be a big selling point for me and no doubt others.
  12. What about screen resolutions suitable for Cubase, Sonar, etc? Is 1280 x 800 too small?
  13. Hi guys, one quick last question. In my research I found out that screen resolution and graphics would be important when using a sequencer software. Would 64MB be enough for graphics (ATI or NVIDIA) or would 128MB be needed? As for screen resolution, would 1280 x 800 WXGA do or would you need something higher (I am also assuming that 15.4" is what would need too, or of course higher)?
  14. Hi psw. First of all i'll start off by saying i didn't understand those posts about the transducer driver thing and about vibrating the entire guitar. I didnt understand much of it at all, plus that DIY site wasnt very helpful to me, i didn't see anything clear that you could build yourself . That box by Tim is cool (the Les Paul one). However, it wont work. There is no way you can control the knob from behind the tailpiece, which is itself a few inches behind the bridge. The box would HAVE to go over the top of the tailpiece just behind the bridge. About the touchpad idea, well this is something I feel could work. You stick it wherever you want on the guitar, and you push the little switches depending on the power of sustain you want, have i understood that correctly? As for it being remote control, I really dont think you should be going there. You're going to be making it far more complex, why not just connected by wires? I think it may be a good idea to scrap the LED idea for now, its taking up too much time and thought and would take up too much battery power. I'd concentrate on getting it to all work in a finished product casing.
  15. Ok, thats an amazing graphic there emre. It looks great, just have to see if it would be practical with the circuitry and battery etc. Psw, I think when asking people about the external vs internal issue, you may be going about it in the wrong way. Neither one will win over the other because there is always going to be some people on either side of the fence. What you need to do is to be able to sort out a product for both these situations. The external fans and the internal fans. Then there isnt an excuse for people to get one .
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