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  1. All of the guitars looked great, but I just couldn't go past the yei bass... it takes the cake for me. - Dan
  2. I doubt I even need to bother saying which one I voted for
  3. It is my understanding that you would adjust the studs on either side of the bridge to correct problems with string height, and leave the saddle adjustment for correcting intonation issues. There is a bunch of great tutorials on this subject that can be found here: http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/tutorial1.htm Specifically relating to your question though, check out the links on that page: "String Height and Bridge adjustment" and "Adjusting the intonation of a guitar". However if you were giving your guitar a full setup I would encourage you to read through the whole tutorial on setting up a solid body electric. Hope that helps, - Dan
  4. I will always vote for the guitar I like best, however if a complete amatuer makes a guitar that I think is still pretty awesome, even when pitted against some more experienced people, then they might get some extra brownie points from me. So for me its not a matter of handicapping the professionals, its more about giving extra props to true amateurs when they deserve it. - Dan
  5. Not that it really seems to matter anymore, barring some miracle Then again... there is at least 100 computers at uni I could vote on.... - Dan
  6. Only reason I didnt vote the Impaler is because although I loved the initial shape drawings and the execution, I just thought it looked a bit squishy in the end and the headstock sorta didnt do any justice to the evilness of the rest of it Just my humble opinion, and not having anything of my own to show off I understand it doesn't hold much weight... but yeah If it was a 6 string with possibly a more insane headstock, it would have had my vote - even over the ormsby. - Dan
  7. Does that need to have clear put on it like a guitar would? Will it 'come alive' in the same way? If so... I cant even fathom how much ass that will kick when it does AWESOME! - Dan
  8. I voted for Maidens 7 string, but it was a tough one. Something about the AANJ just sorta irked me on it if it was a set neck or neck through that guitar would be perfect in my eyes, but either way, you derserve it!
  9. go dave! awesome guitar eddiewarlocks warlock was my second choice - top work man!
  10. My vote goes to Perry.... very awesome guitar. If I could have voted for two I would have also voted for the Acoustic by CGHBuilder - that is one fine peice of work also. - Dan
  11. I voted for drak, but it was hard to choose between that and the bass Its probably not the right interpretation, but I had always thought of the pro/amateur division being there to segregate the people who handmade an entire instrument from those who built a guitar from parts and refinished it, or refurbished an old instrument or maybe even built a body and used a premade neck.
  12. Im Dan Im a 19 year old Australian and ive been playing guitar for almost 5 years, with 3 years of saxaphone before that. Im new to the building side of things, but im as keen as anything to get into it. So far ive only made it through a few 'refurbishments' of second hand guitars, and im slowly working my way up to a full build. I try to keep my building advice to a minimum since my knowldege base isnt very large or reliable, so dont be afraid to set me in line if im opening my pie-hole where i shouldnt be (onya perry ). On a non-guitar related line, Im currently completing bachelors of Business, IT and Communcation Design at University and I am co-owner of a partnership Web Design & Development business which is going very well. Im also a coach of Australian Rules footy, mostly for the grassroots development program, Auskick. I -love- Australian Rules Football - Dan
  13. Just so its known, the pics arent working here on my machine Doesn't make it a very helpful tutorial is all
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