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  1. quick question for you, was looking at you guitar that won guitar of the month in november 2004, how did you hide the pick ups and bridge?

  2. Very professional guitars this month, but my personal preference was Wez's. Neocon's paint job is quite intricate, but not really my style. The cigar box looked absolutely professional, but... I like more normal guitars. The shape on Zendrix's was very well done, but the wood didn't do it for me. It's a great piece, but the grain doesn't really work for me. Lee's was a close second, but for all the knobs, knobs, knobs. I really like the shape as far as pointy guitars go, but again, I would have chosen different wood. Great guitars this month, and congrats all!
  3. Wow, quite a good jig. Is that fretboard at the bottom of your last pic lacewood?!
  4. Gotta say, Emachine shop's 3d CAD freeware is my favorite. The cool thing is, you can get an instant quote from their online machining service, which has quite a variety of different machines, from 3-axis mills to injection mold machines. Even cooler, it's free from www.emachineshop.com . I'm thinking of getting some guitar parts machined from them.
  5. You MADE screws? Man.. scratch-built to the extreme. Wish I had a lathe!
  6. Had to vote for Maiden. I am a big fan of quilted maple, so they will probably get my vote every time. I like the shape on Wix's, and the finish is unique, but the center of the guitar looks kinda like a mistake to me. Also, the stuff on the fingerboard looks like it's rubbing off (has this been mentioned?). I'm a big fan of metal guitars, but the shape and top patterns on MetalCarver's are not my style. It was close with Godin, though.. great guitar. How are those Steinberger Gearless Tuners working out for you? I was thinking of replacing my standard ones with those on my first build.
  7. Incredible.. This thing has really taken off! Congrats PSW! What is its production cost?
  8. Had to be the Bass.. I'm a big fan of satin finishes, and the whole simplicity factor is something I've been trying to achieve. Great build, Ryan!
  9. Yeah, I'm wondering about the same thing. I'm thinking of CNCing a one piece guitar, but I need to know what program. I think the most popular would have to be autocad, but I don't really know.
  10. I voted for Rhoads.. I didn't like the reverse body at first, but.. it's kinda growing on me. The woods are amazing, and the workmanship looks exceptional. But, GOOD WORK, EVERYONE!! I think this may be a close one.
  11. I never called it from scratch. Did I enter it in the wrong contest or something?
  12. Anastasia- You did nothing wrong. Some people believe that "from scratch" means that you bought only the hardware and pickup, and some think the neck isn't included. I doesn't matter how you label it, as long as you say which parts you bought or made (which you did). Some die-hard debaters may take this as an untruth, but it's really just a misunderstanding. As for only having 1 post, this shouldn't matter, because an first-time member shouldn't be predjudiced against for being new. "Judge not by the number of posts, but by the content of the posts". And there's no way that awesome beast is being removed from out poll!
  13. Props to all, and I love the Baphomet! The inlays are incredible!
  14. I don't think we're supposed to be posting here, so if a MOD wants to clean up this thread, most of theis info is in my thread in the Finished Work sub-Forum. Anyway, Psw, the bridge can be adjusted withen an 1/8th of an inch intonation wise, and the action can be raised/lowered with the use of shims/sanding. It's harder than normal bridges, but can be done The electronics are permanently sealed, but if I ever needed to get to them, I guess I could cut the panel of lacewood below the electronics off and screw it back on if I needed to, but it would be hard to do. As for the headstock, the veneer isn't glued on, so if you remove the washers/ferrules that hold the tuners to the head (not the set-screw), the veneer can be lifted off. Those ferrules are what's holding the headstock veneer on. ADMIN EDIT- If you know it's a breakage of the rules, then don't proceed to break them. Mushy- instead of posting an answer, simply direct folks to the thread where it's ok to reply. http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...topic=11517&hl= EDIT: OK, sorry!
  15. Oh, man. Sorry about that. I fixed the problem, so I didn't see why it still needed to be there. I guess I need to read through the rules again.
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