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  1. I'd love to have the Vai "Liberty" backing track.... All I can offer is some backing tracks of my own ****.... but who wants that?> :-)
  2. Nice Derek. I've been browsing your web site, but I can't find nowhere pics of finished guitars
  3. good one. Unfortunately some people aren't too good at judging their own skills. I'm not sure if this one already came up, but make sure you give your frets not too much of a bevel...
  4. testing, not mastering.. big difference
  5. No intention of flaming here, but somebody who masters in a car really shouldn't tell us what paltform we should use. I don't wanna get involved into a mac/pc war. I like both mac's and pc's. There's still this magic about mac's being better for digital audio recording. Well, maybe they are, but who cares? The point is that you can make a very stable audio system on a PC based system. My system is built around Steinberg Nuendo, Houston controller and Aardvark cards and I haven't had a single crash in the last two years. This includes the recording of a full album. It pretty much comes down on how you configure your pc and your software. Some excellent info can be found on this on the web. I recorded 16 tracks simultaneous without any problems. As far as Emagic Logic.. I wouldn't recommend it to people who start out with recording. It has such a weird interface and a hard to understand gain structure. It's so different from "normal" XP applications that I'd definately not recommend it to starters. It does sound great though. You gotta keep in mind though that having your games, internet, administration and audio recording on one PC with a soundblaster is gonna get you in trouble. A better solution would be a standalone PC for audio recording (now don't start yelling at me, I use an ancient AMD 1333 with 512Mb pc that can be bought used really cheap), or a multi bootable harddisk. One partition dedicated to recording and disabling everything you don't need, will get you in the ballpark. A good soundcard is manditory. A soundblaster will NOT get you good results and a stable environment. I'd recommend the M-audio delta cards. They are cheap and work extremely well.
  6. believe me, the computer recording set up is no good for Wes....
  7. I'd suggest to use the computer if the dude askin' was anyone but Wes. I have some experience with the Fostex and I simply hate it and would not recommend it. I've heard very good things about the Roland VS series, but have personally no experience with that stand alone recorder. I swear by Nuendo and SX, but understand it's too complicated for others who "just" want to record their guitar. There's one thing to keep in mind though: getting a good and true recording of any source is just not good equipment. It takes experience and good ears. You can get the best neumann, tube pre-amps, converters and recording system.. but if your mic placement, room acoustics sucks or recording settings are wrong, your sound will suck too. I'd suggest to buy a Shure SM57 mic with a cheap mixer and an easy to understand stand-alone recorder. Wes, I don't know much about the several stand alone recorders and how they compare to eachother. Another suggestion is to buy a used cassette based 8-track unit from Tascam. We're in the digital age now and I bet those 488 cassette recorders can be had really cheap.
  8. excellent, stalefish... this is info that should be saved for further reference!
  9. Wes, what a horrible piece of junk! the name "bugcrusher" unworthy hehehe....how's she playin'
  10. I like most guitars, but I hate cow bells... so, sorry Lex.....
  11. No, that's the tele. I used flamed wooden shoes for that
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