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  1. hey guys, I'm selling the last of my fretting tools. I have an auction up on ebay for $175 but I'll sell them to a member here for $150. That's 1/2 of what they would cost new from Stew Mac. I'm not breaking up the lot though. Here's a link to the auction http://www.ebay.com/itm/330977013680
  2. I've got 2. one Original Floyd in Gold and 1 Schaller Floyd in Gold as well
  3. then wait and measure the guitar when the time comes, or measure the Templates or Drawings.
  4. Wes, most Speaker Co.s have Theile Small parameters posted on their websites. That's the most important info you need when building speaker cabs
  5. That isnt veneer, its a 1/4" top steam bent over the forearm contour Have a look at universaljems.com for the veneer
  6. Maybe I'm not as "Metal" as I used to be. Sorry Perry but I voted for Mattia
  7. I voted for Godin, there's just something about that guitar
  8. I'm using them. Can you PM me a list of what you have available?
  9. I was in Deep Creek (Garrett County) this weekend, it was the best weekend I've ever spent there. 75 Degrees sunny 20% humidity thursday to sunday
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