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  1. Sounds like it'd be great to experiment with; if it ends up god-awful, you can rest easy knowing it was cheapo geetar. My experience with the Squier Affinitys is pretty much what is said above - electronics are crap, hardware is pretty crap, but otherwise they are (usually) solid. When I was but a young pup in guitar-playing, my uncle told me "The guitar doesn't know what country it came from. Maple is maple." (I don't always agree 100% with this statement, but 9 times outta 10, its true)
  2. Looks like its pretty dense and "oily" - It sounds like it is probably very similar to Ipe. Wikipedia says that North Indian rosewood is sometimes referred to as Tali, but this doesn't look like a Dalbergia... If it IS as dense as Ipe....dude that guitar is going to weigh 147 pounds, so get a good strap! :P
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