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  1. I hope your not proud of that.... im just kidding, thats an awsome guitar i actually really like the finish...something about the shape though
  2. i always like just using a rasp...that and some time however i like to do things the hard way it builds...uh...character..right?
  3. thats not true, ill vote for yours
  4. nah, i am missing about 1.5 inches of clearance and i use timberwolf i believe the blades are great and the saw has plenty of power if i knew more about modding the saw im sure i could get the clearence i needed hahah
  5. FWIW i have the Grizzly G0513X2 17" Band saw and i love it, the only problem is i cant resaw "body blanks" Grizzly makes quality tools, ive only have one bad experience with a $99 sander and they promptly replaced it. so my vote would be get Grizzly
  6. My vote went to SwedishLuthier for his beautiful burgundy guitar! That shape is so provocative!, with the purple/Burgundy finish that guitar looks hot also the trippy inlay on the 12fret and truss rod cover make it even tripper! Great work everyone!
  7. i usually like to put a little superglue in the slots just to keep it from creeping over time just a drop in the middle, and 1 on each end. they remove just fine, same as you would any other frets
  8. i did a few searches and came up with three suppliers of colored laminations however 1 of them caters mostly to gunstock sized blanks http://www.woodturnerscatalog.com/store/Tu...ed_Blanks?Args= http://www.rifle-stocks.com/laminated_blanks.htm http://www.rutply.com/products/index.html just thought i would throw it out there if i were curious about making my own laminations how would one impregnate epoxy into the wood..since this seems to be the commonly accepted method of doing it...
  9. KP ive been following this thread, and never had anything to contribute until now... GET THOSE DARN PICS UP ALREADY WILLYEA? hehe, no pressure though, just all us folks waiting to see how it looks!
  10. hey, thanks man good luck on yours! hopefully we'll see up posted up under inprogress soon! Kenny
  11. its like someone just got out of the shower....or was just working in the shop all day and decided to take a promo pic
  12. alright i have to ask; whos eye is that, or is that just a stock photo?
  13. hello i don't think there are many explicitly stated tutorials but my advice would be search neckthru builds (there are tons, including one of my own - see sig) and try to learn from the pictures; its very straight forward, but if you have more specific questions and don't find them with search wed be more than happy to help!
  14. hopefully, you do great work with that cnc man; maybe ill ship some of my stuff out to you to help me
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