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  1. Hi I am building a Tele Thinline and some how stuffed up the body thickness.Instead of 1 3/4 its ended up 1 1/2. with the cap.. I am tossing up now if to route the cavities right through the back and put another 1/4 in cap on the back..... Would the 1 1/2 in Body work ? thanks Greg
  2. Thanks for the replies. Sounds as a locking tuner,they dont seem to do the best job. What is the quality of Wilkinson Tuners like compared to Gotoh etc. Any suggestions on what alternative tuners to use on a Strat . I am now considering making it a hardtail. Regards Greg
  3. Hi, I am building a strat neck and am considering using the "wilkinson ez-lok tuners 6 inline" Has anybody here used them or have a comment on them. I am open to suggested options on what else to use. Thanks Greg
  4. Take your time! Then make sure your templates are the right way around before you cut out the body and make sure the screws for the neck are not too long. Don't answer the phone while working on your project
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