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  1. Scott, leave yourself a couple of hours and bring a trailer.
  2. FWIW, I did a little looking around and bought the Grizzly G0555LX (same as the anniversay edition noted above but without the black paint job - DOH!) some time back and am just setting it up now as I fit out my garage shop. I wasn't sure about the viability of the riser block but after comments on this thread I will order it so I can incorporate it into the set up process. Also, thanks on the blade use info. Very helpful for a relatively inexperienced bandsaw user. BTW, I visited the Grizzly store in Springfield MO a couple of times when my son was up there a few years ago. Freaking awesome is all I can say. Massive.
  3. Congrats Guitar101! I retired on June 28 after 38 years with the same company. At first I felt like I was on vacation then I started to figure out a new reality. Flexibility is great but having some activities and projects is a must I think. I'm still working off a backlog of household projects but will need a better plan soon. MP63, I love the idea of making a guitar for charity. I've given the ones I've made to my sons, but I have plans to make more and charity is a nice option for some. I don't plan to get into selling guitars. All the best.
  4. For me, this site and forum are tools like any other. Since I'm back to setting up shop again and getting my tools in shape, I wanted to donate. What I gave was no more than the cost of many single quality hand tools and less than many. The fact that it goes as far as described is testament to the efficiency at which this site and forum is managed. Thanks to all involved.
  5. It is always exciting to get new tools. Especially big ones. That Laguna looks like a serious piece of hardware. I saw some references to Asian machines. When I lived in Hong Kong, the conventional wisdom on Asian quality for anything was Japan #1, Taiwan #2 and mainland China a distant #3. The Hong Kong Chinese vendors made fun of mainland Chinese goods. My new Grizzly G0555LX (made in Taiwan) is sitting in its box in my garage waiting to get setup. It isn't a Laguna but better than the bench top model I used to have. I also don't have 220v power run to my garage yet. That's to come later. Wes, I have that exact spindle sander. I would have added some emoticons to the post but they aren't showing up. Congratulations on the new hardware.
  6. Hey Wes. Still chasing that goat I see. Here is another pic of the LP supreme style I made with another Wes. This is Wes Jeans, Texas blues/rock artist, in my son's in-home studio in Bossier City, LA.
  7. Is the T8 top still available? Beautiful piece. Thanks.
  8. Hello to all. I've been a member of this forum for almost 10 years now. I went away for a while but have come back. It feels good. It is evident from a quick cruise of the forum yesterday that things have moved on. The work is better and more innovative than ever and there are so many more members. I see some of the grizzled veterans are still here. Those are all good things. It has probably been 4-5 years since I've been on the forum on any regular basis, and it's been longer than that since I've made any sawdust. I had some health problems - almost didn't make it. I got divorced. Enough of all that... However, I recently remarried and this time to the best person I've ever known. And, today is the first day of my retirement after working 38 years with the same company. So, things are definitely looking up. I am in the midst of remodeling my garage to set up a small shop and I hope to get my tools out of storage soon. I have a lot of work to do to get my tools back in shape and ready for work. I had a guitar under construction when I dropped tools and have the wood and materials for a couple more - all in storage. I can't wait to get back to it. It will be a while before I have any new work to show, so in the meantime here are thumbnails to two previous builds. Click on them to enlarge. Glad to be back!
  9. Congratulations to all. Each has its virtues and another set of examples of the variety and quality of PG builders. In the end, I couldn't take my eyes of the black limba back of Daniel's acoustic.
  10. Congrats to all. I like something in every one of them, and everything in some of them. I found Skelf's bass most pleasing. Not sure why, but its an aesthetic thing. Just warmed me up when I looked at it.
  11. Congratulations to all builders. Another interesting month. Thanks for the votes and nice comments. I was away this weekend visiting my son and his wife and delivering the LP. Told him I entered it in the GOTM but was sure that second was the best I'd do - I had already seen Godin's. He said something like "its ok, you are gaining in experience and will get him in time". Then I told him we'd need another approach since the young fella was only 16/17. My son is still thinking of some other encouragement for his old pa..... Congrats Godin. Clearly the best of the bunch by a long shot IMHO.
  12. This is my second guitar to complete. It is modeled after a Gibson LP Supreme but with some modifications. It is for my oldest son. I received the assistance and encouragement of many people on this forum to complete this guitar. Thanks for that, and thanks for looking. Specs: Mahogany body (unchambered) and neck Curly maple top and back Ebony fretboard and headplate Gold MOP split block inlay on the fretboard and custom gold MOP inlay on the headstock 7 layer ivoroid / black binding on the top 5 layer ivoroid / black binding on the back 3 layer ivoroid / black mitered binding on the head Single-ply ivoroid binding in the fretboard Black MOP side dot markers Scale is 24 5/8" TonePros TOM bridge and tailpiece in gold Grover Deluxe Keystone tuners (gold) with vintage buttons Gold tone fret wire Bone nut Seymour Duncan Custom pickup with gold cover in the bridge Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickup with gold cover in the neck Single volume and tone (amber speed knobs) with 3 way switch Maple dyed with Colortone amber / yellow mix dye and covered with a toner coat of the same blend Gibson vintage style sunburst front and back in medium brown Nitrocellulose finish
  13. Congrats to all. An interesting compilation of design, use of wood, finishes. Vive' la difference. To me, it narrowed down quickly to the work of Skelf (lovely), Marcovis (classic) and Telenator (different). Ultimately, I went for the Ric.
  14. The thing I like about this month's GOTM is the diversity. A great example of what PG can provide - great guitars and lots of variety - just like the members. Every one extremely well done also. Congrats to you all.
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