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  1. Thats the same question i have as above. I want to make a custom Jem style guitar...order the body and neck from a company who replicates them...i can only assume the company has a deal with Ibanez anyways...understanding the whole copyright/pattent ordeal if im gonna make one for personal use and not to sell i don't see the problem.....hows your head lol
  2. if your looking for a compressor for airbrushing you might want to try http://Airbrushcity.com they have some pretty good deals on their brushes and compressors. Also Airbrushaction.com is a pretty awesom sight with lots of books and video how to's.
  3. LOL I know this sounds lame but its cheaper....In stead of buying a sander (of instance an orbital sander)you can get an attatchment for your drill...im sure everyone has seen these in the hardware stores they're pretty cheap. Of course you can always hit the pawn shops and try your luck their for some bargains on tools!!!!
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