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  1. Der, it is looking good. I want to get a les paul style kit one day. Keep her going.
  2. What is being up all. I no wanting chicken of some reason.
  3. Looking good Scott, you know I like the carving.
  4. Horn cool factor is off the chart....Scotttttaaaa
  5. Good to see you doing acoustic builds .. I think they help the learning curve , an improve the skill sets.
  6. Wes, keep dreaming hahaha . Lucy Lu would be one of my favs. Scotttaaa, I love continue dreams
  7. It does indeed. A form of that is going to happen here...... SR Cool , looking forward to it ...fun stuff .
  8. I too was his friend ..we talked on Facebook , I thought about posting it on here , but I guess I did not.. Sorry Mex. , I was pretty down at the time.
  9. Love it, think about layering some wood and carving to it knowing it will show up under the carve ..I did that on a head stock , it adds a wow factor.
  10. Sweet Scottaaaa, I likes it a lot. This one time at band camp .... Someone carved a flute. Anyway , remember no straight lines all curves. Hahaha
  11. My neighbor and good friend died and then I had a problem an then things stopped , you know life. Depression sucks ...but some how the world kept turning. I feel better and now I want to get going again. As always thanks for the replies and support . Nice strat ... Glad you did not make knobs out of bears butt..hahaha
  12. It was just voted number one nation wide. It's got that vintage mixed with new thing. With a lot of people just passing thru .. College , beach, military, just a good mix.keeps a lot of the riff raff out , but Wes could come visit . Hahaha
  13. Hey Wes, I really hate when people ask a question and then ignore the answer completely, but that's me. I have become that guy, you know ... Get off my lawn , it's pain plus old age plus pain plus old age hahaha I wish more people like the people on here lived next door to me , people with hand skills an such. My really good neighbor die a while back , probably why I disappeared for awhile. Don't know if I discussed it here but I had a emergency operation myself..seems my gallbladder decided to die on me. I was in for a week. I got a cool scar out of the deal. I fart more now I think , an sometime they smell like a skunk got hit by a skunk while getting it on with a skunk on a hot humid day , so there's that.
  14. Sweet an GOTM too an beer come on already. Hahaha
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