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  1. Crazy chicks do bad things to guitars , I seen one with its headstock broke in half.
  2. Der, it is looking good. I want to get a les paul style kit one day. Keep her going.
  3. What is being up all. I no wanting chicken of some reason.
  4. Looking good Scott, you know I like the carving.
  5. Horn cool factor is off the chart....Scotttttaaaa
  6. I have been shaving wood like a beaver in heat. Hahaha the back is almost shaped and ready ..lpics coming by the end of the week. I really am enjoying this again.
  7. Good to see you doing acoustic builds .. I think they help the learning curve , an improve the skill sets.
  8. Wes, keep dreaming hahaha . Lucy Lu would be one of my favs. Scotttaaa, I love continue dreams
  9. This is getting a redo , I took it apart . Ahahaha something's just were not working for me.
  10. It does indeed. A form of that is going to happen here...... SR Cool , looking forward to it ...fun stuff .
  11. I too was his friend ..we talked on Facebook , I thought about posting it on here , but I guess I did not.. Sorry Mex. , I was pretty down at the time.
  12. Love it, think about layering some wood and carving to it knowing it will show up under the carve ..I did that on a head stock , it adds a wow factor.
  13. Sweet Scottaaaa, I likes it a lot. This one time at band camp .... Someone carved a flute. Anyway , remember no straight lines all curves. Hahaha
  14. My neighbor and good friend died and then I had a problem an then things stopped , you know life. Depression sucks ...but some how the world kept turning. I feel better and now I want to get going again. As always thanks for the replies and support . Nice strat ... Glad you did not make knobs out of bears butt..hahaha
  15. Scottttta , I missed the bare, whoops I mean bear hahaha glad to be back . I bought a real heater for bending , no more light bulb for me. I fixed a couple of guitars a Breedlove with a broken head stock and a PSR with a nut problem. Other then that not much . Well thanks for the reply.
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