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  1. it's funny I should post now i'm not likely to build anything for a while. I'm Mike, from sunny Lincoln, UK. I'm 24 and have been a "player" (not playa) since i was 16, no joke, i'm way worse than I should be. I am a terrible guitarist! I have no previous experience of wood working and to be honest i'm a bit of a pen pusher. I've built two guitars, a solid ash firebird/tele thing and a semi hollow SG thing that got me an undeserved GOTM! I make do with less tools and space than most people and haven't attempted a neck as yet, I'm way off pro standard but getting better with practice. My philosphy is you should try something new with every build and certainly not go out of your way to copy other designs, originality is the fun part, thickness planing and routing for the first time is NOT the fun part. I'm about to move to a flat with no shed or garden so maybe the art of the luthier will be on hold, the missus won't like the kitchen full of sawdust..... Edit: This makes me sound REALLY talentless! It's not as bad as all that, I know my guitars and have plenty of experience in modifying and repair work.
  2. Tough choice! Had to go with Setch if for no other reason than to give him a sporting chance against *THAT* strat, the other entrys this month are excellent as well, best not to forget that!
  3. I went with Darren's, tidy. Good luck all, it's a tight group.......
  4. Gotta go acoustic, there's a lot of skill involved in making something like that by hand. The KTL is nifty and very different, but I applaud anyone that can make a decent acoustic. Good job!
  5. Amen to that! Leave all paint for longer than you think you need to before buffing, i'm really guilty of braking that rule! Get all the dust off your guitar with wirewool before painting/staining etc.. Plan it all on paper, all of it! Don't burn all the knuckles on your left hand with a soldering iron like I just did.
  6. This is my blues axe... Finished it on the 16th. Needs a few tweaks but it is road ready. One piece Paduak body, maple top. 2 x Gotoh P90's wrapover bridge. Maple neck, rosewood board and some big o'l sound chambers. I started guitar making in February with no woodworking experience and this is result of my second build, I'm pretty pleased. Thanks to Setch for giving me a helping hand getting the images up and running!
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