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  1. Pandora suggested this awesome track for me http://youtu.be/Q8UWvh91Vb0
  2. I saw a place called "Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar," advertising that they do that. I think it can look good for a theme build like something that Pfiester or Dismal Ax would do, but I feel like just slapping a record on your guitar because you can is sort of tacky.
  3. Yeah I lived there until I was 18
  4. Have some Kenny Wayne Shepherd, because I feel like it. http://youtu.be/9GXpbWrxfEE I met him once in the guitar shop I worked in back in high school, back when no one knew who he was. He just walked in (he had a show in town), grabbed a guitar off the wall, sat down, plugged it in, & started playing. My old boss couldn't stop asking him how he was related to Johnny Winter.
  5. I think I might have finally gotten used to the idea of that shelf.
  6. I'm passing through Sweden & visiting my cousins there for a couple days, it's not first time, but I could use some recommendations for guitar shops to check out (anywhere from Jarna to Stockholm) if anyone has them, or other assorted stuff that I should see. It's my 3rd time there, so I've already seen a lot of the touristy junk.
  7. I said double bookmatch for a 4 piece top... that would yield 16"x20" more that enough.
  8. It's thick enough that you could double book match it & see how it'd look as a 4 piece top (probably for a solid body so you don't have structural issues), you're going to have to slice it up anyway unless you're going to use it as a carving block.
  9. Hell hath no fury like nitro's scorn. It actually seems to following that black growth ring, which makes me wonder if it's being caused by something absorbed by the tree when it was growing.
  10. Sorry, I'm better at explaining things visually:
  11. Yeah Scott, that wasn't my original intent, but it does seem that I left it up to interpretation. It wouldn't let me embed from this page, but it didn't give me a problem from the "more reply options," page, I used the media button, rather than bbcode or the html iframe method.
  12. I'd like to add this, it's long (you'd better save it for when you're smoking something), but you'll be hard pressed to find better blues than SRV & The Velvet Bulldozer himself Mr. Albert King:
  13. Depending on the damage, & how bad the previous repairs are, you may need to scarf on a new headstock. If you're going to do that anyway you could scarf one on with the volute attached. If it's not bad enough to need that type of repair already, then I'd leave it, or fix the old repairs.
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