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  1. Hello Madhattr88,

    I just stumbled over your amazing "The Royal" Build. I love the Inlay, the overall shape and how you Spade complete the shape in the fretboard. I'd really like to watch all the steps in your old building thread, BUT all the pictures are gone-.-.

    Could you please reupload those pictures? I don't know where you uploaded them the last time, maybe try something lasting like Flickr.

    I'll check out your more recent builds, but I'd still like to follow "The Royal" build through all the stages.


    Mountain Goat

    Bavaria, Germany

  2. "the Baptist" Build 1116 Body - Mahogany Tops - Indian Rosewood, Blue Stained Figured Maple Neck - Mahogany w/rosewood strip Nut - Bone Headplate - Blue Stained Figured Maple Pickguard, TRC - Figured maple Fingerboard - Cocobolo 25" Scale 1-11/16 @ nut x 2-1/16 @ 12th Bridge - Tone-Pros Wraparound Pick-up - Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P-90 Finish - Tru-oil www.rinkerguitars.com www.facebook.com/rinkerguitars
  3. You can polish with 3M Finesse-It II. It will remove most of the scratches and wiping marks from the tru-oil. Just do it pretty lightly.
  4. i started a test piece and will post the results next week.
  5. tru-oil on bare wood (about three coats) then use water based timbermate grain fill finally finish with 6-9 more coats of tru-oil i'm gonna test on scrap, but i don't see why it wouldn't work. the oil based (tru-oil) shouldn't react with the water based filler... or WILL IT???? i am NOT interested in the "sand tru-oil slurry grain fill" method. :-) love u guys! hug and kisses XOXOXOXO thanks!!!!!!
  6. here is is after i used scotchbrite to knock it back. I applied the sheen and conditioner to half the top and half the back for comparison. the wax is in the mail. should get it this week. i'll post again after i apply it. can anyone give me some advice on using shellac as a sealer coat over the stain and pore fill? i've notices small "splotchy" areas on the stained surface. i'm wondering if i didn't knock back the shellac enough. i was scared of sanding through.. anyone use shellac as a sealer? how many coats? what lb cut? do u sand it? what grit?
  7. thanks!!!! believe or not, the more i look at this thing i don't like the finish. Tru-oil brings out the grain depth, but since i polished it with Finesse-It, its too shiny. Almost like its wrapped in plastic wrap. Not what i want. So i'm gonna scotchbrite the whole thing and use Birchwood Casey Sheen and Conditioner and then their wax.
  8. Just a follow up. i used 3M Finesse-It II and it worked great. here u can see the dried streaks from wipin and then the final product after Finesse -IT
  9. that's what Finesse-It II is suppose to do. I've been searching the internet for any info on polishing tru-oil.
  10. After 11 coats of tru-oil, everything is nice and flat, however, you can see the wiping marks/streaks on the flat surfaces. Its been curing for 8 days...probably wait another 8. Do you think a good rubbing of 3M Finesse It-II will remove them? Burlap maybe??? If not, what will??? I don't want to go buff/polish.sand thru the top layer of tru-oil. Thanks!
  11. This is excellent advice. Thank u for sharing. My next build, I will do exactly what u do. After reading your post, it looks like I need to start using different truss rods. I've been using the 2-way hot rod from stew Mac (the red wrapped one). Maybe thats my problem. Can u post a link to the ones u use? Thanks again!!!
  12. i made the neck-string tension jig. Trust me, i am cheap, i would never spend $300+ on that Dan Erlewine thing. so what u are telling me is, your fingerboard and frets are perfectly straight when it is "stringless" and the truss rod is in the neutral position? the neck will be concave when strung up....do u use the rod to straighten it back??? how do u add relief at the 8th fret area? i've done this method before, and did not like the results.... it created a "hump" at the 14th-16th frets. could never get low action after that.
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