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  1. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Broken Bowl

    Scott, I have Titebond II, so that will work. As to clamping...that will be another adventure. Thanks.
  2. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Broken Bowl

    My wife inherited this wooden bowl years ago. We do not know what type wood it is, but this past week, it fell off of the counter at her pre-school and split in half. I am not thinking that Titebond would be the best glue. Would epoxy be the thing to put this together? Oh, the haves mate perfectly. I know that the one picture appears that there is a gap.
  3. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    Prostheta, I think I understand. I will mark out what I think I am understanding, then post on here. On the part on the left, I need to be careful of the point on the lower half, due to the tight grain, correct? Needless to say, I will be testing out on scrap wood.
  4. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    On a serious note, Pros I did run a magnet over the pieces...found a small sliver of a nail in one. Thanks for the reminder...I thought I caught all of them earlier.
  5. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    Oh, an Poutine is very tasty.
  6. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    Okay, been away for a while, but now am back. My family took a trip to Niagara Falls, Canada and enjoyed it. That's my daughter in front of the falls. Now that we are back and trying to get some semblance of normalcy, I am able to get back to work. I have a little more shaping to do, but I have a question. Prostheta, I believe a long while ago, you had a post about routing the proper direction on edges to reduce tearout?
  7. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    I had a little time this evening in the shop, so I used my father's small band saw to rough cut the wings. Rough. Cut. Very rough, lol! I think I need to invest in a spindle sander, or turn my arms into Popeye's...
  8. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    Well, my daughter's swim meets are over, so I think I will have a few hours a week to work. I went to my friend's wood shop to plane down the hemlock, and Pros, I am being safe.
  9. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Singlecut: Domestic--not domesticated!

    Thanks, Scott. Now I know ANOTHER item I must purchase. That is one thing I really am working on with my build, the elimination of tool marks and scratches. I love seeing wood glow and shine.
  10. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Singlecut: Domestic--not domesticated!

    Scott, after picking up my jaw from the floor AGAIN I wanted to ask you to what grit do you sand your fretboards? I sanded my persimmon to 1000 grit and had a slight polished finish, but nothing like what you have,
  11. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Well, It's Official!

    The benches, vices, and 1950's radial arm saw came with the house. I have most of my father's tools he left me. My brother-in-law jokingly said if I find my front door missing, he had nothing to do with it.
  12. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    But Pros, I heard the dust makes my tea taste better! Joking, of course. I have my respirator on when I am working with it and will be diligent in cleaning up. Hmm...maybe that's why they were giving it away? Thanks for the info on the checking.
  13. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    I have started my second build, a 5-string fanned fret bass. Neck-through maple and walnut Wings are 200 year old hemlock. Passive pickups I cut a section of the hemlock for the wings because the hemlock beam happened to be on the bench. Quick question to the wood experts here. I looked at the edge where I cut the hemlock and noticed cracks on the surface, but they do not go deep into the wood. Now, the wood is 3 inches thick and I will be reducing it to 1.75 inches. Should the cracks be something to be concerned with?
  14. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Hemlock Question

    Hello, better builders than I, I was given (yes, given) two Hemlock beams from a store that was built in the 1800's. I am planning on using it for the wings of my next build, but the amount of wood here had me thinking: can Hemlock be a good wood for sides in an acoustic guitar? I have not tried to build an acoustic yet, but I was given a Yamaha acoustic guitar years ago that had the back smashed in, the sides are bowed out, but the neck is in great shape. Thanks Much, Chuck
  15. Chuck_Chill-Out

    KEA 2017 builds

    You ,may have and I was just blindsided by your work. I've never seen wood grain like that, and that is amazing!