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  1. Multiscale P Bass

    Your joke assisted me in my planning and drawing of my second build. That is a +1 in my book! Cheers, Chuck
  2. Multiscale P Bass

    Norris, stupid question here, but is there any difference between mounting the pickups perpendicular compared to angled? My second build (in my head - still planning) is a 5-string multi-scale and that was one of the items for me to research. Cheers, Chuck
  3. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Got it. I appreciate the explanation. Sometimes I can't turn off my job.
  4. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    @ProsthetaFrom a safety standpoint (sorry for being late to the party) how fie is the silica powder? Silicosis is a nasty respiratory condition. And @Mr_Riddler, this is a cool build.
  5. Well, It's Official!

    I haven't been on the site in a while. Its been very busy and we just put in an offer on this: https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/412-Glen-Ridge-Dr_Lancaster_PA_17601_M41836-67958 My daughter personally showed me the wood shop. Also, my brother-in-law told me he had a lot of wood for me to take...no charge. I know there is cherry, mahogany, walnut...I think there is even some maple in there. I may start building again...
  6. KEA 2017 builds

    I think I may have said this in another of your threads, but you are one of the reasons I want to continue to build. To hopefully get to your level of skill. Yours, Pros', Scott's, and Curtis'. Your guitars are amazing. Cheers, Chuck
  7. My Bass Project

    Well, a few things: 1. The bass case is on hold. I was at yard sales the other week with my wife and daughter and found this Hohner bass case for 10 dollars. The only issue was the zippers were missing the pull tabs. Enter two keychain rings, and it works fine. 2. We passed on the house. It had a large unfinished basement, but the rest of the house was too small. We are working on becoming pre-approved and are looking at other houses. My wife knows that I am looking for a place to work and she is okay with that. 3. Sad news. After fighting liver cancer for a year, my mother passed away this past Tuesday. She was a fighter and blew the doctors away by living this long and this well. They only gave her 6 months to live.
  8. My Bass Project

    Okay, a little update. I hauled the Brick to my church Wednesday night. It definitely is a brick - 9.5 pounds. Thanks to Vorson for a padded strap. The one bass player in our worship team asked if he could play it. He sat down, plugged it in and started playing a few licks. Needless to say, I was very happy that it made music, The bass player looked at me and asked, "When are you going to build mine now." We are in discussion about what he wants in the way of wood and hardware. He wants the same shape, so I must have done something right. Oh, my wife and I looked at a house nearby that has a full basement and is being sold 20K under list.
  9. Finished pics! Psilos Ultra-modern bass build

    I don't know how to take that since my last name is Piper.
  10. My Bass Project

    SR, thanks! Coming from you, that means a lot. You and Pros were a big help in this. My friend who is teaching me carving was requested to make birds for the Long's park Art Show in Lancaster this year. He does not carve to sell, he always gave them as gifts to friends and family. He is really excited for this, plus a little stressed. He is making 8 gray catbirds, 3 cranes, and 8 mallards. I told him I would help him by keeping out of his way. He laughed and thanked me for it.
  11. My Bass Project

    I didn't know I was old school, just old! Pros, thanks for the assistance and advice on this build. I have a feeling that the next one will go much smoother.
  12. My Bass Project

    I have the shell built, but my daughter's penguin comes next in the priority list, as per my daughter. Well, that plus finding a single home with either a large basement or a garage that I can turn into a workshop. My wife said that she would not mind if I continued to build, as long as a 30 second walk was involved instead of a 20 minute drive.
  13. My Bass Project

    Wow, it's been close to a year since I have been in here. Life certainly has eliminated my free time. I was given a promotion at work - EHS Manager - Plastics Division. Pros - More money. More money than I expected. Cons - More time at work - in TWO locations. Less time for work. After busy summer and winter swim seasons for my daughter (I announced home meets. She hates it when I do - I use my British accent), I was able to get into the woodshop Monday to complete this thing. My friend's granddaughter is going to wood burn my name in Japanese along the headstock. Then I will apply finish to the headstock and The Brick will be completed. When The headstock is finished, I will take better pictures and post them here. Thanks to all who gave great advice during this build. I now have a better understanding in planning and execution of an idea. Yes, I am bitten by the bug.
  14. 5-string Rickenbacker 4003-ish bass

    Thanks for sowing me that I wasn't crazy in measuring for frets (or in my case, side markers for frets) this way.
  15. Regius meets RG: first build in progress

    I'm glad to see you found the cause. I hope that it continues to work.