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  1. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    I had a little time this evening in the shop, so I used my father's small band saw to rough cut the wings. Rough. Cut. Very rough, lol! I think I need to invest in a spindle sander, or turn my arms into Popeye's...
  2. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    Well, my daughter's swim meets are over, so I think I will have a few hours a week to work. I went to my friend's wood shop to plane down the hemlock, and Pros, I am being safe.
  3. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Singlecut: Domestic--not domesticated!

    Thanks, Scott. Now I know ANOTHER item I must purchase. That is one thing I really am working on with my build, the elimination of tool marks and scratches. I love seeing wood glow and shine.
  4. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Singlecut: Domestic--not domesticated!

    Scott, after picking up my jaw from the floor AGAIN I wanted to ask you to what grit do you sand your fretboards? I sanded my persimmon to 1000 grit and had a slight polished finish, but nothing like what you have,
  5. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Well, It's Official!

    The benches, vices, and 1950's radial arm saw came with the house. I have most of my father's tools he left me. My brother-in-law jokingly said if I find my front door missing, he had nothing to do with it.
  6. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    But Pros, I heard the dust makes my tea taste better! Joking, of course. I have my respirator on when I am working with it and will be diligent in cleaning up. Hmm...maybe that's why they were giving it away? Thanks for the info on the checking.
  7. Chuck_Chill-Out

    2nd Build - 5 F-SQRD

    I have started my second build, a 5-string fanned fret bass. Neck-through maple and walnut Wings are 200 year old hemlock. Passive pickups I cut a section of the hemlock for the wings because the hemlock beam happened to be on the bench. Quick question to the wood experts here. I looked at the edge where I cut the hemlock and noticed cracks on the surface, but they do not go deep into the wood. Now, the wood is 3 inches thick and I will be reducing it to 1.75 inches. Should the cracks be something to be concerned with?
  8. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Hemlock Question

    Hello, better builders than I, I was given (yes, given) two Hemlock beams from a store that was built in the 1800's. I am planning on using it for the wings of my next build, but the amount of wood here had me thinking: can Hemlock be a good wood for sides in an acoustic guitar? I have not tried to build an acoustic yet, but I was given a Yamaha acoustic guitar years ago that had the back smashed in, the sides are bowed out, but the neck is in great shape. Thanks Much, Chuck
  9. Chuck_Chill-Out

    KEA 2017 builds

    You ,may have and I was just blindsided by your work. I've never seen wood grain like that, and that is amazing!
  10. Chuck_Chill-Out

    KEA 2017 builds

    THIS Tamo Ash guitar! That looks so cool!
  11. Chuck_Chill-Out

    KEA 2017 builds

    Luis, I haven't been on the site for a while until recently. Congrats on the job and I am glad to see you are still building. Amazing work! How is the tamo ash build coming? I never saw that particular wood before and I am intrigued.
  12. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Stripy Double Cut With An F-Hole

    Scott, I continue to go back to the beginning of this thread for the before pics and then look st the after pics. Amazing build, sir! Looking at a few upgrades to the planned second build here.
  13. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Multiscale P Bass

    Your joke assisted me in my planning and drawing of my second build. That is a +1 in my book! Cheers, Chuck
  14. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Multiscale P Bass

    Norris, stupid question here, but is there any difference between mounting the pickups perpendicular compared to angled? My second build (in my head - still planning) is a 5-string multi-scale and that was one of the items for me to research. Cheers, Chuck
  15. Chuck_Chill-Out

    Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Got it. I appreciate the explanation. Sometimes I can't turn off my job.