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  1. Thanks for the reply. That was my first thought too. I wanted to kill two birds with one stone, using the normal build coats of clear to build enough to hide the decal edges. But I'm afraid of sanding through the color on the initial level to give the decal a level surface to begin with. Plus the color is a metallic, Shoreline Gold, which I'm not sure would respond to leveling too well.
  2. I have a customer who wants a large decal on the top of a guitar body that I'm currently building for him. I have he color shot and am ready to start he clear. I assume that I want a level surface for the decal right ? So should I: 1. Follow my shooting schedule including leveling first, then apply the decal, then shoot a ton more clear to try and make the decal edges disappear, and then level again 2. Shoot a few coats of clear, apply decal, and then continue with shooting schedule All of the info that I've been able to find concerning water slide decals has been for headstocks or applying decals to an already finished body. Thanks
  3. The owners of my local used music equipment dealer decided to retire so they threw a retirement sale and discounted all store merchandise. The discounts got progressively better as the month went on. They closed as of 8:00 tonight with the final discounts being 45% on gear and 75% on accessories. I dropped by 5 times in the past 3 weeks..... Brand new: EH Pocket Metal Muff Allparts B/W/B SG pickguard (2) Neutrik locking jacks EMG 85 EMG 81 Dimarzio Super 2 mystery humbucker Used: EMG 85 Gibson humbucker (2) mystery humbuckers Squire 7 string humbucker set Fender H/S/S set All for a total of...................................$250 Some of the pickups are probably junk but for $2-$5 I had a hard time not grabbing them.
  4. DAMN...that's a good point. Thanks Prostheta. I've have to give painting the necks some thought. I planned on a tru-oil finish for them which still may work as well.
  5. Awesome wood choices ! Where the heck did you get that acrylic ? That's beefy stuff.
  6. I was able to salvage one neck. I can only imagine how much meat is NOT left between the rods and the sanded surface....I'm guessing a few passes with some 400 grit may start to expose the rods. I'm going to keep moving forward with this one to at least get SOMETHING out of this "build in batch" experiment. Having one completed, I at least can get a feel for some of the things that I may want to change for future builds of this model. Like electronics and hardware choices, strap button locations, jack location, control locations, etc. I already know that I'll going to incorporate a better pickguard design and an actual logo.
  7. Good points... Thanks for the question sdshirtman but I think I'm gonna toss them rods and all.
  8. Not sure....they're set in with CA. Any ideas ? Since the necks are toast I could bandsaw it close and sand the rest.
  9. It did give me the opportunity to try my hand at steaming off a fretboard. That's one.....five more to go...
  10. Some dumbass (me) FORGOT that each neck has two carbon fiber rods running down the length of the neck. Not as deep as the truss rod, but deep enough to poke through the now carved neck. Awesome... ALL SIX.....firewood.
  11. I decided to go with a semi-trapezoid neck profile. I thicknessed the back and used a chamfer bit to rough in the sides. All looked good at this point. Then the approach of doing these guitars all at once, six at a time, bit me in the ass. I started to finish sand the necks....some dark streaks started to appear. They got worse....
  12. HA....thanks guys ! I think I'll wait it out. I have the time.
  13. I didn't fill the inside of the loops on the "d" or the "p" thinking that the CA glue would fill the gap. That worked fine but when I poke that area with an exacto blade it feels a bit soft. I covered the entire inlay 3 times about 12 hours apart with med CA glue. Should I drill out those areas and re-fill with CA and rosewood dust ?
  14. All necks fretted and fret ends nipped and filed flush
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