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  1. hey peeps, I know its been many many years. how many of you caught the gibson play authentic Mark A video before it was pulled? How many of you have been bullied by them in the past few years? Doing some research here...... send me a PM.
  2. Its been a while but time to post my latest. Full build vids included in playlist. This is a Jack Daniels Barrel Top Guitar. I purchased half barrel tops down in Lynchburg and could just get a tele top from them. I resawed the top and let it dry, then pieced it together. Back is reclaimed barnwood with an Oak Core drilled out. Neck is a WD rosewood neck that is unfinished like the rest of the body. Aged Chrome hardware with Bigsby trem and custom wound pickups. Final vid has my terrible playing... Youtube Playlist
  3. I am cleaning up the shop, trying to simplify my life, and need to sell this lot of Korina. I can't ship it too many boards get a great steal here. I am in brentwood TN. http://www.ebay.com/itm/302042458608
  4. So I need to get rid of my copy carver. Its sitting in my basement, will need to be taken off the board and brought up. you get the carver, and router I need the carving templates still. I am in Naperville IL outside Chicago, and would rather sell it to someone on the board than let it go on ebay. I need it moved in the next 3 weeks. here are the two vids I have on it. the one dated Sep 19, 2010 is where it is in my basement. Asking $500....................... Send me a message if you are serious. I cannot meet you halfway I don't have my truck anymore. So you will need to pickup in person.
  5. Custom Paisley Tele with Clay inlays and hand wound pickups. I was sitting on a paduak hollow body tele and had no idea what to do with it. Saw a few paisley guitars and had to make one. This ended up being a guitar for my oldest daughter who needed an instrument to take to school, well I missed the deadline for that but I think she is happy. 2 Piece Paduak Hollowed out body Maple neck with Ebony fretboard, used some pearl paints for the back side very neat effect Clay inlays taken from the paisley design in the wallpaper Custom shop magenta finish with 2 part automotive finish I wound the pickups myself these have a great sound. Here is the vid series for this guitar: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvHM0_cyyFLzd9jb5tpYp_3ZUGpfY1EDy <mod: on the case>
  6. Its been a long long time... Doing more vids than anything else at the point. This neck is on a upcoming entry...
  7. go for a bigger band saw, you can get away with a bench top drill press. Here is my favorite router:
  8. Gibson L5 Build Hello, wanted to try something different so I went the full luthier route and built an archtop. Lots of fun to build, based off Bob's book and some Gibson L5 plans. Handcarved spruce top and flame maple back with flame maple side. ebony board with mop inlays, turquoise inlay logo and ebony headstock, I also bound the fretboard. Here is a video of the building process: Here are some pics:
  9. thanks for the comments. guitar sounds great. after the move I had to build something to setup shop so this was the result. the chile and spyder guitars are awesome. I love new concepts. I just don't have a creative mind like that. I will see if I can get the explorer I am working on into this month. we shall see.
  10. Been a long time since I have been on here. Moved and had another baby so guitar time is limited at best. I built this guitar to resetup shop. Took about six weeks in all. I documented the whole process on youtube. Take a look here for the vids: http://www.youtube.com/user/thebigdguitars?feature=mhsn This is a Les Paul Style Guitar with a 5A Flame Maple top and a two piece african Mahogany Neck and 1 Piece Back. Ebony Fretboard with block inlays and PRS Pickups and of course one of my varitone switches. The Guitar is finished in Tru-Oil about 6 coats in all. I wetsanded with Linseed oil after the 3rd coat and then added thin layers after that. I was going to buff and add some wax but its got a nice sheen already so I am going to leave it. I couldn't do Nitro here... Its winter in Chicago and I don't have the time to do it right. This has the black binding and a little bit of Faux flame maple binding since this was a thicker top I could do the effect. Everything was built from scratch except for the inlays I had those laying around the shop. Here are the pics:
  11. Sorry the knobs make it worse I tried a couple of different sets and plain gold was well plain. I tried to keep the natural look but that means I should have turned my own knobs, which would have been the thing to do. I didn't want to do a cheesy big d logo because it's the wrong this to do. This top was really spalty and I Didnt want to do the epoxy mess. All the guitars are nice again great job to all
  12. just completed this one... a natty lp completely built from scratch including doing the custom gold inlays and doing the back control plates. Its a spalted maple burl top that has a sweet carve, with a 1 piece mahogany back. Its a three piece maple neck with a hard maple center stripe and birdseye maple outers. Then African blackwood fretboard, head plate, control covers and truss rod cover. Dimarzio pups and gold hardware. Guitars action is very low and plays unreal. The finish is tru-oil and shellac with a couple of coats of wax. thinner neck profile but still has a little meat.
  13. my pictures stink, wanted to get this up before I had to start doing the holiday thing... guitar plays like a dream. the entries are really nice. I remember back in the day one or two would stand out. now its on with all of them. great job to all.
  14. been a while... baby and business keepin me busy. Custom blackburst les paul clone. Got the headstock and fretboard off ebay all nos stuff. all standard specs. classic 57 pups which are unreal. fretboard was all cracked up so I aged the binding the same way by staining it black with a lacquer thinner based black dye. Aged it a little bit to get an older look. So I sanded the black off in a couple key spots. Exact carved top. How I got here. was highly figured flame top stained black and sanded back. then I did a burst in black and clear coated the guitar. weighs in about 8 lbs and has a killer tone; action is pretty low. Only thing left is I have to get the nut completely done. Enjoy!
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