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  1. I posted this in January: Stereo ABY You can scale down the diagram to mono and no Y as required, and all the required parts are listed. What ever blows your skirt up. This includes the type of switches that I used which are a bit pricey, but very, very quiet. LED and optional tuner wiring is included as well. With time, I found that the only mod that I would make would be to add a third "Y" LED instead of having both the A and B LED's come on during Y mode. This would allow you to know which channel your coming back to when coming out of Y. In the heat of things, I sometimes forget which channel I was in originally before I go to Y. This is only a problem when I'm in A, go Y, but I want to come out in B. Anyway, I haven't gotten around to rewiring it yet, but if anyone needs this mod, let me know and I'll post it. In any case, whether mono or stereo, if you want LED's, you need a TPDT switch. 2 poles for sound, and the third for the LED's. Hence, the pricey switch. Cheers
  2. You need a DPDT switch. One half for the vibrato switching, the other for the LED. I don't know about Twin Reverb, but about 2 weeks ago I made a double foot switch for a clients Fender 75. The LED's in this instance are powered by the amp. In your case, if you go with a 9V battery, create a loop with the other half of the switch. One pole of the switch to + pole of the battery. The other pole to a 1.5Kohm resistor, to your LED, to the - of the battery. Don't forget, LED's have polarity. If you LED doesn't light, switch the leads around. If you you look closely at the LED, you'll notice 2 elements, one larger than the other. The larger element goes to negative or ground. In any case, you'll have to remember to turn off the LED when your done with the pedal, or you'll run down the battery. Cheers.
  3. My hats off to the Erik, blackdog, and Daniel. Amazing work. I'm glad I entered the contest and joined this forum. You folks really inspire me. Having seen these amazing instruments (read "works of art") only encourages me more to work harder on my next build(s). Kudos to all, especially Erik. That's a slobberknocker in my book. Hope I get to that level one day. Also, a thank you to all who cared enough to post their constructive critiques on my entry. Nice of you folks to care. Cheers all
  4. Gigi. Where "Class" meets "Bling". Well, here she is. Meets with the wife's approval, hence bear's the wife's moniker. This is my third build, but my first really serious build. Been showing it off on the forum over the past couple of weeks. Now it's time to see how she holds her ground against some of the finest instruments in the best forum this side of Saturn. Basic "classic" V body. 1.5" bookmatched maple, .25" flame maple top. Sedona Red, Ebony Black to highlight the flames, Poly clearcoat. Back view is here. Mighty Mite hardtail through-body. Stew-Mac "Golden Age" hots, with separate coil tap switches. 2 volume, 1 tone setup. Allows for scratching using the selector as a kill switch ala Morrello. Jack is right in your face. PNP in it's simplist form. This is where the "class" end and the "bling" begins. Antonio Tsai inlaid rosewood fretboard on a Modulus Graphite neck. 24.75" scale. Rodeo Drive meets NASA. Dunlop 6000 frets, Graphtech nut, and Ping tuners. Yeah, yeah, I know, the 6000 fret wire is like a railroad tie, but I'm a long time Ibez RG player, so I like the big frets. Non-traditional 6IL tuner arrangement (my Ibez side showing through), with an actual Ibanez string guide for all but the low E. Some more views here; Fretboard closeup Headstock One more full front, along with an autographed Nazareth album as a crowning tiara. This project has basically been a mix of old and new, knowns and unknowns. I relied heavily on this forum and all who participate as a principle resource, so I can honestly and shamelessly say that a little bit of all of you is a part of this project. I've tried to do it as tastefully as possible, but always respecting what feels right to me. After all I'll be the one playing it. One thing for sure though, the minute you plug her in, you better get in, sit down, shut up, and hang on. She WILL leave you breatheless... Cheers
  5. All great work, but since I'm a kid at heart I had to go with Digthemlows. It's important to support and nurture the next generation. Especially now that more and more of them are less and less manually adept. Nowadays, they can sure design a pretty 3D axe in Catia, but they can't figure out which end of a screwdriver to hold on to. Good on you guys...
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