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  1. No major problems, SX3 and the Delta series work well. It really depends on what you want to use it for and how you want to use it? I find Cubase to have the most flexible MIDI and sample integrated editors. Intuitive buses and plugin usage. You can get Cubase 4 now with the new version of VST technology integrated. Very cool new features.
  2. Actually it's not mine, it's my little brother new release. More details and pre-orders available here: http://www.abstractlogix.com/newsletter/ki...releaseablx.htm
  3. No I didn't! That fixed it, thanks dude! Oh...see you're hanging around over at 'Dave's Place' so to speak?
  4. When trying to vote for something in the 'Other' category I get: The error returned was: You did not choose a poll choice to vote against. Please go back and ensure you click on one of the radio buttons next to the choice you wish to vote for No matter how hard I try!
  5. That pretty much settles that! It's unfortunate but an element of gear these days. So many electronic things these days are intended to be replaced and not repaired, it probably will require the entire preamp/head stage of the piece to be removed to fix it if at all from the sounds of it.
  6. As people seem to be soooo helpful in their responses, I'll try. First, it would be best if there is anyone who has ever worked on electronic gadgets available to you, ask for their help if at all possible. Electricity is not very nice. What it sounds like is the chord while in the jack was hyper-extended bending the jack and it simply needs to be re-trued. This isn't a big deal but if you're afraid of it, best get some help.
  7. Well, looks like GF is gonna need a title change to 'GOTM 2x loser' and shamefully so. You're doing very impressive and classy work Matt! This JV-1's finish should be called 'Blood Burst', it's a great lookin guit-fiddle and with the pickup selection bet it's a very dimensional player. Be proud!
  8. I voted for Bill mostly because of the creative use of resources.
  9. The 44 is a 4 in unit, I think it has one more stereo feed for digital i/o but don't quote me on that. That means you can record up to 4 concurrent tracks if the audio software you're using allows it. It's good to ask questions but realistically from the level of questions you're asking seriously suggests you should do more work before you play...meaning if you're having difficulty understanding what it is you want let alone what you need. I highly suggest downloading a few user manuals from mixers and reading the one for your delta 44 will help you understand what and why. Make sense?
  10. Truthfully it sounds like the lighter set is causing you to fixate on something that was always there! Frets on that guitar are huge and intonation issues by fretting too hard is extremely common. I'm just guessing you're having a larger affect because of the lighter E string. Otherwise going to the lighter set would be just cause for a complete setup and it might eliminate some of what you're expriencing.
  11. Maiden, I wasn't calling you a hijacker I was referring to myself. Are we a little sensitive today? Have no idea what would cause that multipost. Click the button once, by time it came back..thread spew all over the screen?
  12. This is leading back to what Greg was saying where in so many words, you can make a lousy recording with the best equipment and a reasonable recording with as little as 4 analog (tape) tracks being bounced and a cheezy mic with some eq work. What you've just suggested is a 'Live' environment recording ability..meaning, you have a band you want to record which suggests at least two audio inputs (and possible tracks) per instrument. This suggests ~10 inputs (and tracks) mic's, cables, audio interface & software that can handle it. Clearly in excess of $1,000.00. Or, if you can even come up with 10 mics, cables a low cost mixer and a sound blaster card will get you some serious milage. The above is not an absolute suggestion, just a comparison for scope.
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