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  1. I’ve started using Odie’s oil but I’ve only tried one application technique. Let’s hear the process ya’ll use. Application style? Buff by hand or machine? Etc I know you’ll have input @KnightroExpress Chris
  2. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    All I have (only ever used two sheets) was some crazy figured veneer. Next carved-top veneered instrument I may use it again. Chris
  3. There's a new company that's making composites that look remarkably like nicely quartersawn, stripy rosewood. Haven't used them, but aesthetically they are very pleasing: http://www.rocklite.co.uk/ Chris
  4. Is Oregon any good for guitar?

    Ken Parker loves it for his archtop's neck cores surrounded by carbon fiber cloth and then veneered with something pretty. Chris
  5. Double dye stabilizing wood

    Update: I added the pics above... seems iPhones do hold them as jpegs... not sure why it won't work. Had to transfer them to my computer and then upload them. What a PITA. Chris
  6. Double dye stabilizing wood

    Ugh! WTH?! Why does PG suddenly have issues uploading photos directly from the iPhone??? Can the powers that be extend the allowed file extensions to include more image types? I’m getting errors about that every time I try to add pics via mobile. Chris
  7. Double dye stabilizing wood

    So it’s been awhile since I’ve goven some updates here. I’ve been keeping up with the process and been trying different things. One new thing I’ve learned is that the wood (think both species as well as figure type) highly affects the process. I’ll give you an example. That really densely eyed box elder you’ve seen a lot of pics of? Well it really seems to enjoy having short vacuum pulls of initial color (something I dismissed in earlier trials on buckeye burl) as opposed to long soaks. Here’s a great example where it had a 15-minute Edge-only vacuum of read (with usual 2x vacuum length soak), cured, then same with whole billet in purple, cured, sanded, then full multi-hour vacuum in final blue color. As you can see, all 3 colors are extremely well represented: Meanwhile, I then did a similar two-color process on some maple burl (less dense eyes) where green was my 15-minute vacuum pull and blue was my main... and as you can see the green is just incredibly overwhelming the blue! Still I nice look, but I would have never guessed, after working that box elder, that this maple burl would take so much green up in such a short time! So yeah... it’ll be interesting to see if that trend holds true for other maple vs. box elder burl billets? As a side note: I’m still dealing with warping issues at the time of resaw... very frustrating! Still no definitive answers. If I find a pattern around which do vs which don’t I’ll be sure to post it here. Best, Chris
  8. Double dye stabilizing wood

    Not to mention that he buys his burls, and likely resins, in massive bulk so his material costs are likely much lower as well. Chris
  9. Double dye stabilizing wood

    It is intensive... I still think $600 is way off board though. But that's just me... Chris
  10. Ah, yes, I was on a business page. May be different for personal ones. Actually have a buddy at facebook and contacted him about it at the time and they highly discourage this "share to win" activity. Chris
  11. Note from someone who's done a contest on Facebook before: you will be able to see that people shared it. But you won't be able to see WHO shared it unless you're friends with them. Facebook are jerks like that. So most of your entrants you won't even know their name to put them in a hat. Instagram is a much better medium for stuff like this. Chris
  12. Double dye stabilizing wood

    Images fixed. Thanks a lot photobucket for giving me that extra work... Chris
  13. Double dye stabilizing wood

    I was in a rush this morning and agree that that picture isn't the best. I'll take a better one later. It's more vibrant than it looks here. I do love how the spalted rear area really drank up the black in a drastic way yet stopped just as drastically where the spalt ended. Should make for some cool aesthetic. Chris
  14. Double dye stabilizing wood

    One more for good measure. This is the sister set that I pulled out this morning. Black and blue soaks followed by a pull in yellow. This is a much thinner billet so the soaked colors will likely be more drastic inside than the one above. Chris
  15. Double dye stabilizing wood

    So that one I talk about above that I resawed after the initial soaks... to see how far color would penetrate... looks like this. The left side is what the "outside" looks like, the right side is what the inside bookmatched face looks like. Chris