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  1. SG Respin

    I disassembled it. I plan on redoing it. Will post when I start.
  2. SG Respin

    No I wouldn't. Stop. That is crazy talk. No one worth their salt would get caught dead playing a gold guitar that was not a Gold Top LP. And all the Gold Top LP had CHROME hardware. So stop. I also have called several parts distributors and petitioned them to stop selling gold hardware to builders. It didn't work... but I tried to save you silly lot.
  3. SG Respin

    Shut it.
  4. SG Respin

    Did a pre finish setup on the SG Found out I am going to have to recess the bridge on the SG (kinda planned on it anyway but now I am sure) Overall it is mostly ready to go. Have to make the neck thinner and recess the bridge.
  5. SG Respin

    Made the nut for the S9 and the SG
  6. SG Respin

  7. SG Respin

    I have been busy with work and the approaching holidays but I did manage to get a few things done. Cleaned out neck pickup route on the SG Sanded the SG to 220 and still trying to decide if I paint it or not.
  8. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Very nice. Appreciate all the great pictures. I really enjoyed following the outside the box aspects of this build.
  9. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Nice. I like it.
  10. SG Respin

    Tx. You should see what is hanging on the other walls. Building 2 at a time is easier and faster than building 1 at a time
  11. SG Respin

    It is hanging around... I had some offers for it but never enough money for me to part with it.
  12. SG Respin

    And clean up the heal
  13. SG Respin

    Back to the S9 to clean out the neck pickup area
  14. SG Respin

    Set the neck on the SG. West Systems Epoxy for this one.
  15. SG Respin

    Can not see it from the front. Last picture...