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  1. Personally I love the idea of a cabinet. That way you can keep the guitars in a case, while having easy access, and having them on display. I'm going to get my local cabinet maker (who's a friend) to make me one at some stage.
  2. Personally I like to see as much of the guitar as possible. GOTM is a great inspiration to newbs like me. Build threads then really show the steps along the way and really add to the final product. So while it would be nice to see/read/hear more from the entrants, just seeing some entries each month to inspire is important too.
  3. Johny gets my vote this month. Great idea and well executed. The only thing I spotted was the truss rod cover was a bit tall and had the strings ride up over it.
  4. Very nice guitar. Missed this until your GOTM entry, glad you entered. The headstock is a great feature, but I like the way you have done a resurrection on this guitar and created something pretty awesome.
  5. Voted muggatu's build. Great lines and nicely chosen mix of woods. Also really liked quarter's and guitarnut's builds
  6. I'd like to see some pics in good lighting. I'm betting it will look fantastic!
  7. It was a close call between Swedish and Carousel for me this month. As someone else mentioned, not a huge fan of the purple control cavity cover on Swedish's build. Which is what sealed the vote for Carousel's very simple and stylish build.
  8. Never thought I'd find myself voting for a tele build. Good job RFR! Although Daniel's builds were both great and so was Simo's bass. It was not an easy choice!
  9. I'm just about to embark on my first guitar building adventure and have just read Melvyn's electirc book. Hope the new one has the same whit and humour dispersed throughout. It made the electric book such a good read.
  10. Just like to say it was a tough call between the Nova, NortStar and Multiscale. I think the Nova won out, but it could have been any of those 3 IMO.
  11. Voted for Dan's acoustic. Really like the elegant style and finish, with the back, neck and headstock wood grain being a real feature. Honourable mentions to Bluesy's 335, I loved the top and the controls being "hidden" but thought the back of the headstock clashed with the neck too much, and Killemall's Explorer, which reminds me of James Hetfields axe except maybe too shiny, possibly needed to be a matt finish or more of a natural grain finish.
  12. Voted for the Kelvinator! I think the rustic look and the materials orgmorg has used are just fantastic. Normally I wouldn't like the "aged" look on a guitar but this one works well. The bridge is probably what makes this guitar, while the pickguard reminds me of the old fridges and fits with that theme nicely.
  13. It was a toss up between Pukko's Airytone and Eveguitar's great big chunk of rosewood (I couldn't keep voting for scottyd's bass'). I went with the rosewood for the great natural look and finish.
  14. A really even field this month. Found myself tossing a coin between scottyd and guitony. Had to give it to guitony for his 2nd build.
  15. Voted for scottyd's bass. My thoughts: msherman: Should have kept it in the comp! Boggs: Love the inlay and general design. Just a little too purple for my liking, guess I'm not a fan of purpleheart. scottyd: Not much I don't like about this build. The extra detail on the upper horn and pickup covers is a clear winner! verhoevenc: Great looking guitar, and amazing finish considering the last minute disaster. A lot of great details in this. Though I didn't immediately recognise what the neck inlay was with out the description. zyonsdream: interesting.... Very metal guitar, but I don't know if the headstock fits with the body design. I like it but don't love it. Andronico: I love this little travel guitar. I felt the back of the guitar should have had covers over things, keep it uncomplicated in looks. Boner: Um pink? I don't think we should encourage spandex and tube socks on rock guitarists to come back. Mickguard: Good solid build, and the decal is great work. It will definitely have a few people do a double take. Though the knob above the other control assembly seems out of place. Jyrki: Really like this guitar, especially the offset of the binding and back/top colours. Also another for double takes. Hitone: I'm not a Mavericks fan. Jukkasil: This looks like it should have a bigger body on it with the size of the "f" holes. Makes it look a little cluttered. I like the natural finish though, which would have gone well with a wood binding. rhoads: I bumped into the youtube build vids by accident. Really appreciate those and the various build threads with this. The more I see of this guitar the more I like, simple and elegant. The white body and wenge neck is a great design. orgmorg: I get the idea for this, but I'd really have to hear it to fully appreciate it. It would need to have a beautiful sound to contrast the rugged looks. Images of front porches in summer spring to mind.
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