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  1. so you just put old cloths ontop of the board, and steam over that? And will the expanding of the frets cause the FB to bow? or is there so little that it dosnt make a difference. PS, litch.. I have that same rock city hat
  2. http://www.nymphusa.com/kisekae/kisekaee1.asp thats the closest I know of. you can also use CAD programs..
  3. I voted for bassey's tiger burst Im a real sucker for basses, and he loaded that thing up with a lightwave system, and that must have been a bitch to do, so he got my vote. But I was very close to pushing the button for guitar maestro. He got plenty of votes anyway. Great job to all.
  4. Wood Here Is a list of common tonewoods, used for necks and bodys, and breif discriptions of each one. Here is a list of wood suppliers If you scroll down to the bottom you can see it. This Is one of my favriotes. along with This Neck Premade Necks Pre made necks from stewmac Pre-made bass necks from stewmac Pre-made guitar and bass necks from warmoth Premade necks by USA Custom Guitars Truss Rods Stew Mac Truss rod LMII Truss Rods Tuners Guitar tuners from stewmac Bass tuners from stewmac Guitar Tuners from custom shop parts Guitar Extender tuners from hipshot Bass Extender tuning keys from hipshot LMII Tuning Machines Peghead Decals Peghead Veneers Fretting Fretwire From universal jems Fretting supplies from Stewmac Here is a very good tutorial that Brian made on freting. Body Here is a list of a few CAD drawings of body shapes. Here are different binding choices, and also an article of how to install binding. Pickups Guitar Pickups Bass Pickups Knobs Gibson and Fender style knobs Dome and coustom knobs Bridges Guitar Bridges The Tremol-No (designed by kevan) Bass Bridges from coustom shop parts Hipshot Bridges Electronics Control Pots standard, specialty, push/pull, blend, dual concentric. Caps Wiring Kits Pickup Winding Wiring Diagram, and pickup placement Allparts is another supplier of parts and hardware. So is WD Music
  5. searches often do that, you just have to mess with all the settings and try about 5 times to weild any anwsers. Im not complaining, but it does get fusterating. guitarbuild.com has full blues for a les paul i think.
  6. I went with bones, just because I LOVE that crotch top, and the craftsmenship. the walnut bass is also extreamly awsome but im voting by looks.
  7. www.guitarbuild.com or you can donate 10 dollars to this site, and you will become an advance supporter, and you can have acces to this sites download section, which i think has plans for that guitar.
  8. Thanks for doing this totorial, it inspired me to get off my ass and make my neck.
  9. some peoples nuts just get around
  10. for your first build thats going to be tough (or have you built regular guitars before?) and.. what is your question? ps I love the ricks!
  11. I voted for skibum. Its his first build, and thats real talent for his first build. besides, im just a bass fan.
  12. Is there an explanation of schmatics in jason lollars book?
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