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  1. Today and yesterday were super manly. Yesterday my buddy bought an old piece of crap tractor that has been basically shit on for years. The fuel filters were last changed in march of 06, FFS. So we trailered it to it's new home and started shredding only to find out too late the fuel cock was turned off and we ran the lines dry. So today I replaced the battery ground with one that would let the battery tray swing out and I changed the fuel filters, bled the lines, and finally got it going. Shredded a small patch. Tomorrow I will install a new radiator hose, flush the system, and shred more. I ordered a 1 line alternator to retrofit in to replace the old generator that probably doesn't work well. The good news is it's a Ford 2000... so it's damn near unkillable.
  2. Built a headache rack(no louvers, just something to tie bottles to) and got my welder in, plus new tires.
  3. Sold my Diesel truck and bought something a little cheaper to maintain.
  4. So it's official. Busy times ahead.
  5. Yeah I've recently become unable to put my socks on standing up. I still forget and try though.
  6. A vindictive person would buy fireworks and fire them off now(6am). I don't know what the deal is, but this year apparently they are selling fireworks that are just too damn loud. The entire area was blanketed with gunpowder last night.
  7. I haven't really done anything worth doing lately... I farted some... not a lot... but some.
  8. I think I'm becoming the Grinch, but Merry Christmas anyway.
  9. I've never been so ashamed of my family. My cousin just shared her personal recipe for her "enchiladas " that are "sooo good". It involves Wolf brand canned chili and flour tortillas smothered in velveeta. I'm just grossed out right now. The most terrible thing I've ever heard.
  10. We looked at more property today. One spot is even better than the original one. More acreage, denser woods, better house, way more animal tracks, more seclusion, and way less expensive because it's in a spot that's farther from any metropolitan areas.
  11. When I posted that pic on my FB I got 4 likes... all from females. I suppose the guys were scared.
  12. Meh. You can't call them all. There are lots of people I'm quite fond of but haven't seen face to face in years. Lots of close friends in High School. Of course, part of that is the fact I'm not really sociable. I still like to know they're alive though.
  13. It's strange. I always imagined that people became more sure of things as they got older, but as I get older I have a really tough time figuring out what I want out of life. There are easy things ,like the fact I have always loved the Jap bikes from my youth and I want the perfect amalgam of those bikes, which I'm working on(CB900C with GL1200 front end with as much tire as possible and those tires need to be dual purpose for street and trail and the bike as light as possible without losing comfort). I also know I want to get the hell away from here... I'm just terrified of leaving what I'm used to. So yeah. One day I'm looking forward to a commune and the next day my fear is telling me I need a backup plan. A smart guy would sell this place, use the money to buy a cheap patch of land with no utilities (except water) and keep that as a backup while doing the commune thing. Really super adult stuff like that is pretty scary for me though.
  14. I'll tell you one thing though... selling this place off and disappearing sounds nice. I have family I really just don't care for.
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