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  1. I've been missing my ass since I turned about 40
  2. West Texas is always in a drought. It's basically a desert.
  3. No drought in my area. Lake and aquifers are full I think.
  4. I want to move to Canada and make a freezer under the floor below permafrost.
  5. I actually have more room for food than any single home fridge. I can store 200 pounds of meat,plus all the usual stuff....and beer.
  6. Oh...and I've already had my drinking for the evening. This dumb ass time change is a big ole pile of fuck.
  7. That's why I use multiple smaller fridges. I have a standard sized two door(came with the house 12 years ago or thereabouts),a mini fridge,and a small chest freezer. I also have an RV fridge in my RV if I ever needed it in an emergency. I freaking hate big ass fridges.
  8. Looks like a drunk bear stabbing paradise.
  9. Lookin' good,Mike. I mean,I'm still way BETTER looking...but you know...I'm way younger. I just got my truck out of the shop. The Dodge left me stranded last week. Just the starter,but I have zero time for replacing a starter myself. I wish I'd win the damn lottery already. I'd buy a big hunk of open space somewhere and everyone would be invited to get drunk at my place and go stab bears or whatever.
  10. Congrats. I tell people all the time that it's not taxes that bothers me,it's a lack of return on my investment. They are welcome to 50-60% of my earnings if proper healthcare and the existence of some sort of retirement is the return.
  11. I'm just hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Like always. My company was offering us foremen an 80% refund plan on our health insurance(turn in a bill every month and get 80% back from the company). Now they withdrew that offer. They are planning for Trump to repeal Obamacare. Now,I have never believed that forced Health Insurance is the answer (it just creates a huge middle man industry only concerned with profits),but tax time is here and the law is still on the books. In my opinion that makes the company I work for soul-less assholes. So the next time I leave this company I will not go back until it changes ownership. This is supposed to happen in the next ten years or so,and I believe the new guy is a solid individual(He's been moving up the ladder for almost ten years now)..but most likely I'll just get a Class A license,crane certs,safety certs,and just go wherever I wish.
  12. I don't think Trumpanzee needs my shitshow. He's running his own.
  13. #braggingskills
  14. Pfft. Lightweights.. I shit every single day. Big smelly ones. Morning and evening. Feel free to be jealous.
  15. I have not.I bought this on a whim last year sometime at the end of a beer drinking phase.This time I was just out of the hard stuff,so I popped one of these out. Really good right out of the bottle.I took a drink and didn't even bother with the glass.Some beers are just designed for the bottle they are in I think.