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  1. I had a Fender Blues jr. I liked quite a bit. It only had one sound, but it did it quite well. If you're looking for something to do slightly dirty blues, that's a good one. If you want versatility in a solid state amp though, I'd look into the line 6 stuff. The Champion isn't something I've ever used. I never considered Fender to be good for solid state amps.
  2. Good point. Everyone is different. Personally, I always hated the "I would have done it this way" sort of comment because when a person is creating something that person has a vision and corrupting that with talk of everyone else's vision of what a guitar should be helps nobody. Everyone has a trigger. Just so happens that Mike has a few triggers, and IMO he's earned the right to go a little batshit here and there. Lol
  3. Well, that Black Butte was terrible. Waaaay too sweet and just a horrible flavor for a stout. I don't reccomend. The Abyss however... even better than I remember. The espresso-esque bitterness is just right. So creamy. I highly, highly recommend.
  4. Or you could just start a new topic to discuss the method so the builder doesn't have to wade through an external discussion to post his next step. That would be the polite thing. That discussion had every sign of starting to drag on.
  5. Found something while out and about. I'll crack the Deschutes tonight and save the Abyss for later.
  6. The last few years mostly consisted of him responding to my FB posts or him sending me links to videos he thought I'd like. He didn't post much personal information on FB either. Mostly pictures of his vacations.
  7. I don't think the "old guard" knew him on a deeper level, Pros. Brian always kept his forum conversation light. He never discussed any deep thoughts or personal trials and tribulations with me even though we communicated most days here. I think he reserved his personal stuff for his real life friends. He just had a really light touch here and kept it mostly to jokes in the slam thread or if I asked his opinion on a forum issue he'd either respond with "as you see fit" or "just sounds like a guy expressing an opinion."
  8. Are you not able to see the FB page? I didn't mean to make it sound like it wasn't a fact. There is an RIP notification on his FB page, condolences from his family and friends to one another, one of which is a lady who I know as a former member here from the early days that has been a lifelong friend of his, etc.
  9. No obituary that I know of. It's all over his Facebook page. Universal Jems is also closed down.
  10. I don't really know where I should post this, but considering he used to post in this topic when he ran the site I feel it's appropriate enough. Apparently Brian Calvert passed away 5/23/19 according to his Facebook page. It was days later before a post crossed my FB page and I mentioned it to Pros, but I think Pros is still unavailable at the moment. Anyway, I kind of had a hard time believing it so I checked, double checked, and checked again... Here is a link to his FB page, which is still open. I don't know what hus privacy settings are though, so I don't know if the link will work if you aren't FB friends. https://m.facebook.com/brian.calvert.315?tsid=0.6534962847510628&source=result
  11. Sore subject. I can't speak objectively on it because I'm just so sick of this "administration's " xenophobia.
  12. That's good news,Mike. Nothing makes you appreciate "normal " like being down a few weeks/months. This week has been the week of incredible deals for me. I had to put my dually in the shop and the guy replaced my rear wheel brake cylinders and adjusted the brakes plus chased down an error code for $316 and delivered my truck back to my house for me. Then I got my inspection and registration done and then stopped at a random tire shop and they put on a brand new BF Goodrich Commercial tire for $75. Nothing feels better than things costing less than you think.
  13. Well, the back looks nice. I always appreciate a nice backside.
  14. I keep my mower deck high and mow in a higher gear so it doesn't take as long to mow as it could. It results in an imperfect "lawn", but honestly when you have so much to clear all you care about is being able to walk over it and keep your boots and pants clean.
  15. I'm not sure of the size conversion here. My can is 5 gallons, the gas station is a mile away, I don't have a bicycle or a rack on my motorcycle (yet.. working on that) and my yard is almost 3 acres. 5 gallons will mow it 2 or 3 times with my John Deere 42" rider. How's that for some Imperial Dimension Culture Shock? I should have my truck back soon though.
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