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  1. You know what gets me? I just read an article claiming Texas is under stay at home orders, yet I haven't heard a damn thing about it... so I researched and Govornor Abbott is quoted as saying something like "I wouldn't call it shelter in place. We have shut down schools and restaurants and require that people stay home while still allowing the freedom to go about daily tasks like grocery shopping". Does this guy even know what he's talking about? I mean, he describes shelter in place to the letter but says it's not that and claims it's a statewide mandate yet I've heard no declaration of any such thing. I know construction sites that are still working. Sounds like the guy wants the press to think he's taking the proper steps while wanting residents to believe they aren't under a mandate.
  2. Don't blame you. Just google Trump nude art if you're curious.
  3. I think Pros is referring to the drawing of Trump with the mushroom penis. Technically, it's art... so maybe it's okay to post?
  4. Yeah, he's listed as 6'2, but I think that's a lie just like everything else listed about him. I think he probably just wears lifts and even thdn he doesn't seem to stand out from everyone surrounding him. 6'2 would be tall-ish if it were true. I'm 6'1 in bare feet and I see over the heads of most people, but it isn't rare at all to see people that meet my eyes or more. Especially the younger generation. We do have a lot of Hispanics here and they are quite short overall. If you look at the picture below, he and Obama are shoulder to shoulder and both seem to be relaxed, yet Obama's head appears to be higher even than Trump's fluffed up comb over. Obama is listed as 6'1. I believe Trump to be closer to 6' or even 5'11. Not short, but always, always less than he claims.
  5. Well, it's nice to know that any Federal stockpiles of anything aren't for State's use. I'm not sure what part of the United States isn't a State, besides D.C. itself . I don't know how people can still follow that orange fool.
  6. I wash my hands every time I poop, do some work, or pick up a duck.
  7. Yeah, you gotta go with who takes care of you.
  8. No, I've had it where we were both Progressive and otherwise. Probably 3 claims in my time with them. They were always expedient. Last time was about 5 years ago though and we weren't under shelter in place or anything like that. I never had damage to my vehicle though, because my stuff was always heavier and does the damage. I just kept track online and made sure they took care of it to avoid a lawsuit. Maybe it's because of how long I've had them.
  9. That's weird. I've been with Progressive since 1997 and have made a few claims and they were always great.
  10. Everyone enjoying shelter in place? I can't say I like it much. It's funny, because I don't get out much and I prefer my solitude, but it feels different when the streets are almost empty. My tie wire came in yesterday so at least I can move forward with my duck pen.
  11. We don't have a choice here. It depends where you live as to who provides. Bluebonnet and TXU have Mcdade divided up.
  12. I think I need to start scheduling my day out or I'll just become a full on useless f-er. Starting today I'm going to spend most of the day doing whatever I can to reach my goals and save the play time for when I earn it. I have found myself doggedly playing video games as if they're the only important thing I should be doing, but that never gets me anything.
  13. I had to start ordering from Overstock.com. Amazon is prioritizing food, etc and everything else is a month out on delivery. They quoted me apr 28 for delivery of some fencing items and overstock says apr 2. To me, stuff intended to build enclosures for growing your own food is priority as well.
  14. Don't you guys have delivery? Should be able to get Titebond directly to your house. Hardware stores are considered essential so they remain open here. I ordered some stuff to be delivered just so I won't have to go out, but at some point I will need some pvc.
  15. Good thing is we all have plenty of time on our hands.
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