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  1. I'm very disappointed in.myself right now. I was at the grocery store,and it's very rare that a woman catches my eye,as I have a very specific type.So I'm going to get plastic forks and I see a nerdy looking lady with a ponytail who is exactly my height(about 6' give or take) with about a 28"waist,firm athletic build(like a runner) and wearing zero makeup.I actually say "wow" under my breath. So I go to get my plasticware,and she is looking at the same plasticware...probably means she's single and doesn't want to wash dishes. so what do I do? Nothing.I do nothing.Been kicking myself for the last few hours about it.Fucking moron. I turned in my man card.I hope I see her again.I don't know what's wrong with me.In my younger days I usually opened with something like "I'm sorry,but I really find you attractive.Are you single by chance?" Direct and to the point. I didn't say shit. Fuck me,I suck.
  2. I bought a fresh bottle of Jameson and am getting back to my hobby of altering my state of mind as much as possible.
  3. Strange,I just had the same thing happen.DPS using his signals and driving just like everyone else for a change.
  4. Hey,man.Good to see you're still around. Good luck.I haven't built anything in a pretty long time myself.If I'm being honest with myself I'm fairly disappointed in the constant monotony of middle age and that's resulting in a total lack of drive and inspiration. I have a plan to fix all that by moving and changing my entire scene within the next few years..but only time will tell if that does the trick. Anyway,I remember debating with you over some things...but not the specifics.I don't recall disliking you...but I was still dealing with divorce fallout/etc back then soooo....
  5. Well,if he wanted the propeller to work he should have faced it more forward.
  6. I officially started my vacation today.No work until Jan 3. I'm going to sleep a lot,burn a lot of brush,and try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
  7. Merry,Fartmas,old Christ. I mean...er
  8. I stopped dealing with Ebay when I had several buyers make bogus attempts to defraud me. None of it amounted to anything,but it made me realize Ebay had jumped the shark.I still buy occasionally,but refuse to sell.
  9. I visited with friends today and feel somewhat better.My buddy's wife sort of radiates calmess as if it's a superpower. They talked me into committing to moving to San Saba when they do.It's probably a more realistic goal than moving way far up North.
  10. Happy holiday season,Mike.Still a month until Christmas I guess,but I'll be glad when it's over. The holidays are the most stressful time of the year for me.Land taxes come in,followed by income tax season. I was just talking with a friend who was visiting about the future.I guess we are planning a big move to San Saba to build sort of a communal situation with Him,his family,me,and some close friends. I think at that point I will just find some sort of welding gig up there and just disappear from my current area.My deadbeat family can just go screw at that point.I'm just tired of being the stable one who always can be found and taken advantage of. Literally nobody in my family who ever helped me is still alive...it's only the ones who cause nothing but grief. I'm really a bit down on life right now,if you can't tell.ALL I want in life is to be left alone.My close friends are the only people I want to see at my house..WT actual F.
  11. I never rotate tires.I just buy four new ones every couple of years.
  12. By the way,it's nice to read adults having a conversation again.Getting on the Destiny forum to talk about upcoming events and where the best loot is to be found is like wading through a pile of shit...except the shit you are wading through is actually a whole bunch of ill behaved millennials.
  13. Man,I've been off in Destiny land so deep it's insane. Finally getting tired of that,and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend when out of nowhere my twenty-something nephew is dropped off on my porch. "Yes,you can stay for a week." "It needs to only be a week." So now I have to lock up all my Important shit,because even though I hope he's turning his life around I just don't trust him after the things he has done in the past. I wish I had good family left,but I just don't.I guess I need to make moving to where I can't be found a priority.I'm not happy that everyone knows where I am. I wish I could trade places with you,Pros.I'll take miserable cold over this shit anyday. God,I hope he's turned into a man instead of the liar he was.
  14. I have argued about the color of my truck with a female friend of mine.The argument has lasted 24 years so far. My truck is red.She says it's maroon.This is very important because of my proximity to Austin. Just the fact that my truck has never been egged or anything when I park it at UT should tell anyone who kniws anything that it's obviously just a dark red.