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  1. Got the wiring hooked back up and working. Now while I wait for brake lines I need to find a new home for the choke and fusebox, as those used to live in the ignition cap, which doesn't fit on the new front end. Also, the official lunch of Texas.
  2. I'll need to clean the front end before putting the lights, etc on. Fortunately the wiring was just long enough to accommodate the taller handlebars with some light rerouting. Unfortunately, the brake lines are not so I had to order new lines for $116, which was the best price I could find, but still.. ouch.
  3. The weird thing is the turning stops were different on the bikes even though the stem, bearings, nuts, etc were the same... so I cut the stop off the 900 neck and replaced it with the Goldwing stop. Luckily I have a bit of welding experience and even have done greased parts before so I remembered to clean the grease out and remove bearings. If you haven't had the displeasure, the heat from welding will burn the grease right onto the bearing chase and will flat out ruin bearings if you don't remove/clean. The Goldwing even had a nifty plastic cover for the stop to beautify it.
  4. Went crazy and put that Goldwing front end on my CB900C. More rubber, better brakes, better handlebars, etc... but now the hard part. I have to make it all work.
  5. Yeah. Without projects I'd be homicidal.
  6. I was trying to get my RV rehabbed and I think I'm going to just build a new RV on my 16' trailer. I just don't see how I'd be comfortable in a 28' prowler. Good thing is I actually have all the things I need to outfit an RV just leftover from my conex bathroom I never could make work in that space. I would have to rape the Prowler for the gas stove and hot water heater, but that's fine considering all the gas lines in it need redone anyway and you can't get to most of them.
  7. Went back today to walk the entire property. Lots of cool yurt spots. Plus boob hill(boob hill not on property). It extends way back. If it goes as planned I'll be putting a gate into the back and building stuff in the trees in no time.
  8. Goats around here don't have wool. They have hair. Also, it's not necessary to milk things if you don't want the milk. They'll just stop producing when the kids are weaned and start again next pregnancy.
  9. Well, now that's another thing. I watched this documentary called The Game Changers on Netflix (highly recommend) and I went vegetarian a couple of weeks ago. I also found the key to a vegetarian diet in Texas... TACOS!!! So I'm eating bean and potato tacos(among other things) every day. So any goats I raise will be only as sex toys I guess.
  10. Not really a yurt at all. Rather just yurt inspired.
  11. Light guage steel tubing for the Yurt frame. Something to make it stand out from the rest of the yurts available. Basically, "here's a yurt frame kit, you cover it how you want". Personally, I'll be covering mine with standard materials.
  12. Oh... and he was talking about using the metal building to make things in that could make money. Like a bolt together yurt frame or furniture or planters ir whatever.
  13. Last weekend my buddy asked me to help him check out a piece of land close-ish to Bertram, Texas because he's wanting to sell his house and move back into the sticks. So it's a pretty cool place. Almost all on rock(but it does have vegetation) with a 60x40 metal building about 18ft tall. 19 acres with big oak trees. Anyway, it's a good spot so he put his house up for sale and is making an offer. We always talked about a "commune"( more like group living) so he wants me to eventually move out there and at first it seemed unrealistic, but now it's making more sense because where I currently live just keeps growing and I'm not really at piece here. I was thinking about building an earthship, but damn... so much work. I think I'm leaning towards an octagon shapes "yurt" sort of thing, but with a light tube steel frame and standard insulated walls, but built right flat on a big patch of flat rock and leave the rock as the floor? I don't know. More thought required.
  14. westhemann


    Hey, it's Scott!
  15. I can't say anything. I'm terrible at remembering what bills I've paid and what I haven't. A lot of people use autopay, but that's really bad for me because I can't keep track of anything. Now I have a basket. Bills go in it and I pay what's in it once a month around the 10th. Best I can do. I'll probably end up spending all my money on alcohol and hookers when I retire.
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