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  1. LOL Thanks Prostheta! Ugh Too much work is making me inattentive. Right now its a just in the most basic of planning stages but I was thinking about having the 5th fret be the perpendicular fret. My string spacing at the nut is going to be in the ball park of 37mm at the nut and 54mm at the bridge. Am I making sense? LOL
  2. Sorry I was so slow getting back to you...been busy. I was looking at doing a build with a 25" treble side scale fanning to a 26" bass side scale. Do-able?
  3. Hey Eric! Is this still going on? I'm fairly certain there's a $100 upcharge to multi-scale fretboard slotting but I was wondering if its possible to get a scale length that isn't included on your order form without an upcharge (that is if its even possible in the first place lol). Thanks!
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