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  1. Ok thanks, I'll adjust that now. While I'm here, I'd like to know if there is a specific distance the tailpiece should be from the bridge or is it just matter of preference?
  2. I've heard that to get good intonation on a tunomatic you need to set the bass side 10mm back from the treble. But drawing out my plans now, I see that (using a compass) the bass side moves 1mm towards the treble side. Am I meant to move the whole thing 0/5 mm towards the bass side or is it not that important?
  3. really? I had searched on google for a while but didn't find anything about marbalizer. I'll look into it, sounds like a fun way of finishing a guitar.
  4. here's the guitar I'd be interested in learning about. I have it by the way so if there's any questions about anything just ask. I've seen the tutorials for swirling with the vat of water and borax etc, but this is something different. You can see it's made up of 3 colours, green blue and purple. These colours melt into eachother, are very slightly transparant (I think). Maybe dyes were involved, but I still don't understand how the swirl was achieved. Any ideas?
  5. oh yeah, that would work wezV, thanks So he just cut thin slices from the back of the body, up to the right thickness obviously, then just routed them out... genious!
  6. all those theories sound good. I hadn't noticed the thin top... on the... bottom. I thought it was one piece. Meh, I have eyes don't I ??? *checks eyes* I wonder how he actually did this though, should be interesting to know.
  7. I was reading the thread about magnets instead of screws or whatever and I looked at this photo. It's obvious that the cavity cover was made from the same piece of wood as was covering the cavity before there was a cavity... if that makes sense. But how the hell? is there something I'm missing. Sorry but this seems impossible to me or maybe it's really obvious and I'm just blind. cheers ZMB psyks
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