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  1. I just had to let my dog out, the door was already open he wouldn't go out until I touched the door knob.
  2. Nice Wes enjoy sit back and enjoy.
  3. I see some potential for the American, but Ruger is pushing the precision rifle. A timney trigger and bedded In a good stock the American would probably be a decent choice. Savage is still savage they are putting out fairly accurate rifles but still have problems with the small parts over time. (Extractoes, ejectors ect. Breaking). Not a huge deal to fix but a major annoyance. Remington is being run by lawyers and bean counters and it shows (think Gibson) and marlin is being run by Remington, the marlin x7 rifles have potential but little aftermarket support and since they where discontinued about a year ago I don't see a lot of support popping up. Right now howa and Tika are putting some nice stuff out for the precision market. And don't get me wrong about Ruger I own about half a dozen of their products just not where. I would go for long range stuff.
  4. I am familiar with the RPR, before dropping 1200 on one check out some of the long range forums and the reviews. Props to Ruger for making a rifle specific to that market.
  5. Wes if you really want to get in to long range a .223 is a great caliber to get started with, if you learn how to take it out to 1000yds you can shoot just about anything that far. Plus it's cheap to feed I can reload a 100 rounds for about $35 verses my 308 cost about $60. While your a Ruger fan I would avoid them for long range, Marlin had some potential with there x7 rifles but they discontinued them, the old go to for long range the rem700 just isn't want it used to be. Right now howa seems to have the most bang for your buck. Mike I have learned that the stock has a lot to do with how you control recoil that weatherby must have for you just right. I have a 308 that will leave bruises and others that are a pleasure I have picked up some great deals out of pawn shops
  6. I don't do much handgun shooting these days, the last few years I have been working more on my rifle shootinf, earlier this year I even started reloading for my rifles. I have been finding it very enjoyable. the white spot in the center is a 24"x18" at 500m the 4'x8' target boards is 600yd and the white plate to the left is 400m. And that's a spider that was chilling with me that morning
  7. Wow I didn't realize anyone was pushing them that hard, not that it's hard to do with modern powders but for the most part ammo companies play it safe.
  8. If I remember right the 357 is slightly more powerful than the 45lc, I had a uberti lever action chambered in 45lc it was a fun gun I should have kept but I had a moment of stupidity.
  9. If you go with a 454 casul get a convertible it will come with a 45acp cylinder. The few extra bucks gets paid back quick last 45lc I had cost $1 to pull the trigger I havent ever owned a casul. Also check out offerings in 460 s&w I don't think Ruger Chambers them but freedom arms might.
  10. Pretty much the same species here, i can't stand water moccasins or copper heads. Any thing that smells as bad as a water moccasin needs killing and copper heads are assholes, we have timber Rattlers but your not supposed to kill them.
  11. You still sporting the Black hawk Wes?
  12. So my latest home project has been installing dimmers on the lights and replacing the bulbs with 100w equivalent LEDs. I'm really liking the effect I got the dimmers that look like normal switches except they have a slider beside the toggle. I can turn them down at night when watching TV or leave them halfway up for a more normal lighing and then crank then when I need to see anything, but I try not to do that because it causes more work you know dusting and vacuuming.
  13. Do it, how often do you hear someone say " dam I wish I had stayed at work instead of doing that month long hike"? But I would wait for summer.
  14. I don't think you under stand I already have the job and no It doesn't start any where near that, but now I have half the warehouse after my job lol
  15. So few a few days I have been getting quized by guys at work about my job and how they can get in to maintenance, not just buy Warehouse guys either but buy supervisor and even a manager. Well today I found out that the word going around is that we start at like 75k base. I told my supervisor they need to work on me some backpay. How does this get started?